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Japanese candy candies from Kagawa prefecture

In Japan, Oiri is a pleasant candy that represents conventional confectionery. It has distinctive flavors and inventive presentation. This text explores Oiri’s origins, varieties, and cultural significance in Japan. This sweet is a particular candy in Japan. It’s ready in a posh approach. It’s important in celebrations and rituals. This introduction provides a style of Oiri’s significance and deliciousness.


What’s Oiri?

Oiri (おいり)

Oiri is a form of candy from the center of Kagawa Prefecture to the east of Saijo Metropolis in Ehime Prefecture. They primarily offered it as a topping for sweets comparable to delicate serve ice cream, a marriage present, and a memento. These balls are comprised of sticky rice and are spherical and small, measuring about 1cm throughout. They arrive in numerous colours like pink, inexperienced, white, sky blue, purple, and orange. The surface has a skinny shell-like texture; the within is hole and melts instantly if you put it in your mouth. It has an analogous taste to common Hina Arare and is much less candy. 

Oiri Historical past

Oiri (おいり)

Oiri has a captivating historical past that dates again over 400 years. In 1587, Prince Chikamasa of Ikoma turned the lord of Marugame Fort in Sanuki Province. The folks celebrated his rule, particularly when the primary lord of the Marugame area marked an important day with a princess. The native farmers, wanting to supply one thing distinctive, offered arare, a sort of rice cracker made by roasting mochi in 5 colours. Legend has it that the identify “Oiri” combines “roast” and “yomeiri,” symbolizing a joyful event. This sweet turned well-liked at weddings within the Nishisanuki area and is now a conventional deal with. At the moment, folks nonetheless like to take pleasure in this candy deal with on pleased events like weddings and birthdays. It is usually well-liked throughout naming ceremonies. It’s well-liked throughout doll festivals, housewarmings, and celebrations of lengthy life.

Functions of Oiri

Oiri (おいり)

Oiri serves varied functions, making it a flexible deal with. It’s generally used as a topping for sweets like soft-serve ice cream, including a scrumptious contact. In Kagawa Prefecture, Oiri takes on a particular position as an adjunct throughout wedding ceremony receptions. It’s not solely given as a gift to attendees however can be used as a pleasant gesture, typically shared with neighbors of the bride’s residence. Throughout these events, you may also discover oval-shaped sweets often called “koban-gashi,” that are basically flattened and offered alongside. These sweets share the identical shade and style, creating a pleasant mixture. Within the jap a part of Saijo Metropolis in Ehime Prefecture, there’s a singular customized involving Oiri, also called Oiri beans. These are sometimes given as items, fastidiously packed in a plastic bag, and positioned in a pink and white present field.

Calorie Rely

Oiri (おいり)

Curious concerning the calorie content material of this deal with? Effectively, you’ll discover roughly 259 energy in each 100 grams. Realizing the variety of energy will be helpful if you wish to watch what you eat. You possibly can decide how a lot power this tasty snack has so you can also make good decisions based mostly in your food plan or well being targets.

Is there a particular method to eat Oiri?

Oiri (おいり)

The consumption of Oiri sweets in Japan typically comes with strict guidelines, however there are widespread practices that individuals may observe. Oiri is commonly loved as a standalone deal with, permitting the distinctive flavors and delicate textures to be absolutely appreciated. Nonetheless, some people might select to pair Oiri with inexperienced tea, as the marginally bitter notes of the tea can complement the sweetness of the confection. Moreover, Oiri is usually used as a topping for different desserts, like soft-serve ice cream, including a pleasant crunch and taste distinction. 

Oiri FAQ

What’s the style of Oiri?

With regards to the style of Oiri, it shares an analogous taste profile with Hina Arare, nevertheless it’s not as candy. Image this: the outer layer is crispy, like a skinny shell, and inside, it’s hole, giving it a melt-in-your-mouth high quality. The feel is extremely mild, making every chew a pleasant expertise.

Are Oiri sweets out there year-round, or are they seasonal?

Oiri sweets are sometimes loved year-round in Japan and will not be strictly tied to particular seasons. Whereas they could be appreciated at any time, there are cases the place it takes on particular significance throughout sure seasons or festivals. 

Oiri Recipe

Oiri Elements

Elements of Oiri for 3 individuals Measurements
Arare 300g
Starch syrup 150g
Sugar 90g
Salt 3g
Water 30g

make Oiri?


Boil the sweet substances

Put the sweet substances in a pot and boil; the froth is small. When it sticks, scooped it up with a spatula. Then, pull the thread and

stir shortly.


Harden the sweet

Put some salad oil on the palm of your hand whereas it’s heat. Whereas making use of the sweet combination, it would harden to an applicable measurement.

The place to purchase Oiri?

Hogetsudo (寳月(ほうげつ)堂)

The Hogetsudou firm constructing consists of three buildings from the Meiji interval to the prewar interval. It is a identified on-line store for getting Oiri; they’ve many mixtures and can put together them with particular bins.

Deal with: 16 Yoneya-cho, Marugame Metropolis, Kagawa Prefecture 763-0004
Cellphone quantity: (0877)23-0300
Hours open: 9:00-17:00
Web site: https://hougetudou.com/class/okei/

Yamashita (山下おいり本舗)

Based within the late Edo interval, Oirinomi has been manufacturing and promoting sweets for generations for the reason that Meiji period. They named it “Yamashita Oiri Honpo”, a specialty retailer that manufactures oiri. Moreover, they added two colours to the unique 5 colours, making it seven. They pay particular consideration to creating white oori (no coloring), which additionally serves as a base for different colours.

Deal with: 1018-20 Shinna, Takasecho, Mitoyo Metropolis, Kagawa Prefecture
Cellphone quantity: 0875-72-5438
Hours open: 10:00-18:00
Web site: https://www.yamashitaoiri.jp/

Gonin Hyakusho Ike Shoten (五人百姓(売店)

A sweet store that has been round for about 800 years on the method to Kotohira Shrine. The surface is crispy, like a skinny shell, and the within is hole, so it melts in your mouth. It’s just like Hina Arare, however it’s much less candy. Add it to ice cream or shaved ice to create a cute candy.

Deal with: 933 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
Hours open: 9:00-17:00
Web site: https://tabimiyage.jp


Oiri (おいり)

In wrapping up our candy journey into Oiri in Japan, we’ve found greater than a tasty deal with. Oiri is sort of a bite-sized piece of Japanese historical past and celebration! From its beginnings over 400 years in the past to being part of weddings and particular events, Oiri is just not a snack – it’s a cultural delight. By this text, we hope you’ve loved studying concerning the crispy, hole sweetness of Oiri and its significance. So, the subsequent time you chew into one, keep in mind the wealthy traditions it carries and the enjoyment it has dropped at celebrations in Japan for hundreds of years. Sweeten your moments with a touch of cultural appreciation!

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