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Washoku – Meals Sake Tokyo

Washoku, conventional Japanese delicacies, was designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage ten years in the past. To commemorate this there’s a fabulous exhibit on the Nationwide Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo in Ueno. The exhibit covers all kinds of subjects together with seafood and sea greens, produce, regional delicacies, fermented meals, the historical past of Japanese delicacies, wagashi confectionaries, and a lot extra.

Soy sauces

There may be a lot info right here, most of it in Japanese, however there’s a lot to absorb visually. I realized many new issues about sea greens and of the evolution of Japanese delicacies over centuries.

How nigiri 🍣 zushi started.

There’s a mock up of the unique sushi stalls that was the precursor to Edomae nigiri zushi that’s now the favored sushi eaten all over the world. It’s fascinating to see how massive the unique nigiri zushi was in dimension, a lot greater than what we now eat.

Zōni rice porridge.

Zōni, rice porridge, modifications in every area and there’s a pretty show exhibiting how completely different the porridge is all through Japan. A diagram reveals how rice and soybeans are used to make a wide range of merchandise together with tofu, nattō, yuba, soy sauce, miso, sake, sushi, mochi, and a lot extra. Fascinating to see the completely different hues of soy sauce.

Rice and soybean merchandise.

The reward store additionally has a collection of books, some meals merchandise, stationary, and plastic meals samples. The exhibit runs by February 25, 2024. It’s an enormous exhibit. I used to be allowed to take images because it was on a pre-opening media day. I’m not positive if images are permitted now that it’s open to the general public.

Nationwide Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

Taitō-ku, Ueno Kōen 7-20


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