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Tonpu Yakiniku? Nope it was Hormones! Not a fan however obtained invited by a good friend I gifted Okinawan Goya to. (Sony RX100, iPhone Xs)

I’ve this big Goya Plant in my yard and its been actually fruitful this yr! Gave a couple of to a great good friend of mine and he invited me out to check out a Hormone Yaki spot in Hoya. Store known as Tonpu 豚風 (トンプウ)which implies Pig Wind!

Generally its higher to get a full bottle of Shochu relatively than ordering particular person glasses. 

Sony RX100 Menu… vs…

… iPhone Xs.  A bit brighter right here. 

3 alternatives of Kimchee assortment 720 yen… the seasoning has such an excellent steadiness of spicy and candy. 

Namuru! Spinach was so finely minimize and tremendous delicate. Nearly had a fluffy texture.

Plenty of Yakiniku Meat!

And right here all the pieces comes… numerous hormone stuff.  Sorry guys I dont know what that is however had a barely crunchy texture.

Extra wild stuff… Observed the rooster neck.

The menu… Yeah, I wouldnt usually order this.

Pig liver?

Very fascinating latin music on the BGM.

Somebody likes the Gypsy Kings in right here.

There have been Yakiniku choices like Kalbi on the menu however my multi-millionaire good friend is so price range acutely aware… I kinda left hungry and relatively drunk off the Shochu. 

Anyhow on a Monday night time we had been the one one there. Waitress was very attentive and the environment very good right here.  In case you are searching for Yakiniku or Hormone Yaki in Hoya give it a attempt!

Restaurant: Tonpu

Restaurant J: 豚風 (トンプウ)

Deal with J: 東京都西東京市東町4-14-2 いずみハイムB号 1F

Deal with E: 〒Tokyo, Nishitokyo, Higashicho, 4 Chome−14−2 

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