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The way to Put together Recent Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots are in season in Australia, so I believed it could be good to indicate you The way to Put together Recent Bamboo Shoots earlier than they disappear from the outlets. You merely boil bamboo shoots, however it’s essential to put together and boil them in a sure technique to take away the bitterness within the recent bamboo shoots.

Boiled bamboo shoots on a plate, ready to use.

You can be stunned to know the way good the flavour of the boiled recent bamboo shoots is.

In Sydney, recent bamboo shoots solely seem in spring at some Asian grocery shops. They aren’t but generally out there at supermarkets, however should you discover them at a store, I strongly suggest getting some. The flavour distinction between the freshly ready bamboo shoots and the canned/vacuum sealed boiled bamboo shoots is large.

Fats Bamboo Shoots and Skinny Bamboo Shoots

I’m used to fats and brief bamboo shoots, that are mostly out there in Japan (the photograph beneath). These Japanese bamboo shoots are known as ‘takenoko’ (たけのこ or 筍). Sadly, I can’t purchase recent takenoko in Sydney.

thick and short Japanese bamboo shoots - Takenoko.

Skinny and lengthy bamboo shoots, like those I purchased not too long ago (the photograph beneath) are known as ‘hachiku’ (淡竹) in Japanese, they usually originated in China. In comparison with Japanese takenoko, hachiku may be very skinny and lengthy.

Thin and long bamboo shoots - Hachiku.

They aren’t solely completely different in look, but in addition harvested otherwise.

Takenoko grows largely underground, exhibiting solely the tip above floor. It’s essential to take away the soil round it and pull it out of the bottom. Hachiku alternatively grows above floor, similar to the brand new bamboo shoots come out in your backyard. You narrow it off at floor degree to reap.

The ratio of the edible a part of the bamboo shoot to the entire bamboo shoot is sort of low as a result of many layers of skins and the arduous flesh on the backside that attaches to the basis (rhizome). The edible a part of fats & brief Japanese bamboo is about 50%. Alternatively, the skinny and lengthy Chinese language bamboo shoot has a lot much less edible ratio.

The yield of my skinny and lengthy bamboo was solely about 20%, maybe as a result of I discarded a big portion on the backside, which for my part was woody.

Showing bamboo skins piled in a bowl.

Layers of skins are to be discarded.

Recent bamboo shoots aren’t low-cost, for the edible amount you get. However it’s value making a dish with freshly boiled bamboo shoots when it’s in season, as a result of the flavour is nothing just like the pre-boiled vacuum sealed/canned bamboo shoots.

Typical Japanese Dishes utilizing Recent Bamboo Shoots

In Japan, there are a number of dishes many individuals make after they purchase recent bamboo shoots in spring. These dishes deliver out the feel and the flavour of the recent takenoko.

Bamboo Shoot Sashimi (Takenoko no Sashimi, 筍の刺身):

Takenoko sashimi served with soy sauce and wasabi.

Japanese individuals make sashimi out of the fish after they catch it out on the sea, as a result of the uncooked meat tastes the most effective when the fish is as recent as catching it your self. Nicely ready bamboo shoots obtain the identical remedy. The bamboo shoot may be very thinly sliced and served with wasabi and soy sauce to dip in.

Rice with Bamboo Shoots (Takenoko Gohan, 竹の子ご飯 or 筍ご飯):

Zoomed-in photo of Taknoko Gohan.

As described in my publish, takenoko gohan is likely one of the common spring rice dishes. I posted this recipe 5 years in the past. Again then I had to make use of vacuum sealed boiled bamboo shoots as a result of recent takenoko was not offered right here. Subsequent time once I purchase recent bamboo shoots, I’ll actually attempt takenoko gohan with them.

Simmered Bamboo Shoots with Wakame Seaweed (Wakatake-ni,若竹煮):

Top-down photo of simmered Bamboo Shoots with Wakame Seaweed.

Boiled bamboo shoots are lower into chunk dimension items and simmered in a calmly flavoured dashi inventory. Chopped wakame seaweed is added to the simmering broth simply earlier than turning the warmth off. It’s an elegantly flavoured dish.

I’ll publish this recipe in close to future.

Bamboo shoots simmered with Bonito Flakes (Tosa-ni, 土佐煮):

It’s one more simmered dish, nevertheless it obtained the title ‘tosa-ni’ as a result of loads of bonito flakes are used on this dish. Kochi prefecture, which was once known as ‘Tosa’, is legendary for bonito fishing and plenty of dishes with bonito, together with bonito flakes, are typically named with a prefix ‘tosa’. The flavour of Tosa-ni is stronger than that of Wakatake-ni, nevertheless it goes properly with the impartial flavour of the bamboo shoots.

That is one other recipe that I must publish at some point.

What you have to to Put together Recent Bamboo Shoots

Within the case of skinny Chinese language bamboo shoots, you possibly can merely boil them in case your bamboos are very recent, skinny, and younger.

Alternatively, Japanese bamboo shoots have to be boiled in a sure manner, as a result of they’ve a harshness with a slight bitterness within the flesh that comes from the oxidation of an amino acid known as tyrosine and oxalic acid. The harshness begins growing as quickly as bamboo shoots are harvested.

Rice bran/white liquid from washing rice neutralises these substances within the bamboo shoots.

Ingredients for Preparing Fresh Bamboo shoots using rice bran.

  • Recent bamboo shoots with pores and skin on
  • A big pot that may suit your bamboo, crammed with one of many following:
    • Rice bran with water
    • White liquid that you just get if you wash rice
    • Unwashed rice with water; or
    • Baking soda with water.

The standard Japanese technique of boiling bamboo shoots is the primary choice, i.e., use rice bran (photograph above). My lengthy and skinny bamboo shoots could not must boil this fashion, however I wish to present you ways it’s finished.

The way to boil bamboo shoots

You’ll boil the bamboo shoots with the skins on, however it’s essential to do some preparation.

Getting ready bamboo shoots earlier than boiling

Step-by-step photo of preparing the bamboo shoots before boiling.

  1. Peel a number of outer layers of skins off.
  2. Reduce the arduous a part of the bamboo shoots off on the backside, then diagonally lower the tip off.
  3. Make a protracted incision from the tip in direction of the underside, 2/3-3/4 of the best way down.

Boiling bamboo shoots and storing them

Step-by-step photo of boiling bamboo shoots with rice bran.

  1. Place the bamboo shoots in a big pot crammed with one of many choices above.
  2. Place a drop lid on and produce it to a boil.
  3. Scale back the warmth and simmer for half-hour or till the centre of the bamboo shoots is tender.
  4. Flip the warmth off and go away it in a single day.
  5. Take away the pores and skin till the delicate flesh seems.
  6. Preserve the bamboo shoots within the fridge in a container/zip lock bag crammed with water till wanted.

If you happen to use white liquid from washing rice, the pot with bamboo shoots seems to be like this.

Step-by-step photo of boiling bamboo shotts using white liquid from washing rice.

You possibly can hold boiled bamboo shoots within the fridge for as much as 1 week.

I hope you attempt boiling recent bamboo shoots if you see them available on the market in spring.


The way to Put together Recent Bamboo Shoots

Whole Time

12 hrs 50 minutes


You can’t examine the style of freshly boiled bamboo shoots to hoover sealed or canned boiled bamboo shoots. Freshly boiled bamboo shoots are filled with flavour and so tender. When bamboo shoots turn out to be out there in spring, I hope you attempt boiling them your self.

Recipe Sort:




Key phrase:

bamboo shoots

Serves: 4 shoots

Writer: Yumiko

Components (tbsp=15ml, cup=250ml)

  • 1kg/2.2lb
    recent bamboo shoots with pores and skin on
    (be aware 1)

A big pot that may slot in your bamboo, crammed with one of many following choices (be aware 2):

Choice 1

  • 20cm/8″
  • 1
    rice bran

Choice 2

  • 20cm/8″
    white liquid that you just get if you wash rice

Choice 3

  • 20cm/8″
  • ½
    unwashed rice

Choice 4

  • 20cm/8″
  • Baking soda
    (ratio of 1 tsp to 1L water, be aware 3)


Getting ready Bamboo Shoots

  1. Peel a number of outer layers of pores and skin off.

  2. Reduce off the arduous a part of bamboo shoots on the backside.

  3. Diagonally lower the tip off.

  4. Make a protracted incision from the tip in direction of the underside 2/3-3/4 of the best way down every bamboo shoot. The depth of incision needs to be to only earlier than the edible flesh within the centre (be aware 4).

Boiling Bamboo Shoots

  1. Fill a big pot that may slot in your bamboo with one of many Components choices.

  2. Place the bamboo shoots within the pot and put a drop lid on to maintain the bamboo underwater whereas boiling.

  3. Deliver it to a boil, then cut back the warmth to simmer. Take away scum once in a while.

  4. Boil for half-hour, or till you possibly can simply get a skewer by way of on the backside a part of the bamboo (be aware 5).

  5. Flip the warmth off and go away it in a single day (within the room whether it is chilly, or within the fridge after cooling it down).

  6. Drain and peel the pores and skin from the incisions, then trim off the tip of the bamboo shoot because the robust pores and skin remains to be connected to it.

  7. Place the peeled bamboo shoots in a container crammed with water and hold it within the fridge till wanted (as much as 1 week).

Recipe Notes

1. There are two forms of bamboo shoots – thick and brief bamboo shoots, and skinny and lengthy bamboo shoots. In Japan, thick and brief bamboo shoots are extra generally out there. However I used skinny and lengthy bamboo shoots as they had been the one recent bamboo shoots that I may get in Sydney.

My 4 bamboo shoots weighed about 1kg/2.2lb. Relying on the freshness and the form of the bamboos, the burden varies tremendously. The edible ratio of bamboo towards the unique weight also can range.

2. The standard Japanese technique makes use of rice bran to boil recent bamboo shoots to take away the harshness from the bamboo.

3. An excessive amount of baking soda in water makes the bamboo scent and typically turn out to be brown.

4. I do know it’s troublesome to see the place the edible flesh begins beneath the numerous layers of pores and skin. My suggestion is to make it barely shallow. After boiling the bamboo shoots, you possibly can simply peel off the skins.

5. Relying on the thickness of the bamboo shoots, the boiling time will probably be completely different. Within the case of Japanese takenoko, it’d take near 1 hour.

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