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Yuzu kosho – Yuzu Peppers, FAQs and Suggestions!

Regardless of its easy identify, Yuzu Kosho boasts a captivating backstory and a variety of makes use of in Japanese delicacies. Be a part of us as we discover the origins, versatility, and distinctive flavors of Yuzu Kosho, and uncover why it has grow to be a beloved staple in kitchens throughout Japan. Let’s dive in and uncover the scrumptious potentialities of this intriguing seasoning!


What’s Yuzu Kosho?

yuzu kosho in plate

Yuzu kosho is a Japanese condiment made out of yuzu citrus zest, chilli peppers, and salt. Locals make this by peeling the pores and skin of a yuzu, finely chopping the pores and skin, after which rubbing it with recent inexperienced chili peppers and salt. Recognized for its vibrant taste profile, combining the citrusy aroma of yuzu with the spicy kick of chili peppers. Usually used as a seasoning or a condiment so as to add depth and complexity to varied dishes, together with soups, grilled meats, seafood, and noodles. It may be present in each inexperienced and crimson varieties, with the inexperienced being made out of inexperienced chili peppers and the crimson from crimson chili peppers.

Yuzu kosho Historical past

yuzu kosho with wooden spoon

“Yuzu Gosho” is a well-liked seasoning from the Kyushu area, with one idea suggesting its origin round Mt. Hiko in Fukuoka Prefecture. Mt. Hiko, often known as Mt. Shugen, was dwelling to many mountain clergymen who used yuzu, plentiful within the mountains, to make medication, probably sparking the creation of Yuzu Gosho. Regardless of its identify, Yuzu Gosho doesn’t include common pepper however as an alternative makes use of chili pepper, which is often known as pepper within the Kyushu area. Not like Western pepper, which is the widespread pepper, Yuzu Gosho makes use of both inexperienced or crimson chili peppers. Inexperienced chili peppers are sometimes spicier, whereas crimson ones have a stronger aroma, permitting for alternative primarily based on private choice.

When is the suitable time to eat Yuzu Gosho?

yuzu kosho in a glass jar

Consuming classes with Yuzu include distinctive alternatives tied to the altering seasons. As autumn and winter unfold, Yuzu progressively ripens, transitioning from inexperienced to yellow. To seize its vibrant flavors, it’s finest to make use of inexperienced yuzu earlier than it totally ripens. Inexperienced peppers, that are in season from July to September, align completely with inexperienced yuzu. This seasonal produce is commonly ready in small batches, frozen, after which loved all year long. Yuzu is especially standard as a condiment for hotpots, udon noodles, sashimi, and as a taste enhancer in numerous dishes, including a refreshing zest to each chunk.

Why is it referred to as “Yuzu Pepper” when there isn’t any pepper in it!?

yuzu green lime

The identify “Yuzu Kosho” stems from some areas in Kyushu the place chili peppers are known as “kosho.” Domestically, it’s a standard time period encompassing each yuzu and pepper (chili pepper). This versatile seasoning finds its manner into numerous culinary delights, serving as a condiment for warm pot dishes and sashimi or including a secret kick to pasta recipes. Moreover, there’s a crimson model of yuzu pepper made with yellow yuzu and crimson chili pepper for these searching for a unique taste expertise.

Dishes utilizing Yuzu kosho

Squid yuzu pepper pasta

squid pasta yuzu

A pasta dish with loads of toppings, together with squid, asparagus, and king king mushrooms. Yuzu pepper provides it a refreshing taste.

Pork sesame yuzu pepper grilled udon

Pork sesame yuzu pepper grilled udon

Fried udon noodles made with pork and cabbage. It is a refreshing dish with the flavour of yuzu and pepper.

Soba peperoncino with yuzu pepper taste

Soba peperoncino with yuzu pepper flavor

It is a barely completely different peperoncino made with buckwheat noodles. Though soba tends to be eaten in the identical manner, you may take pleasure in it differently by including yuzu and pepper as an accent.

Yuzu kosho FAQ

Is Yuzu Kosho appropriate for folks with dietary restrictions?

Usually, Yuzu Kosho is appropriate for a lot of dietary restrictions because it sometimes incorporates solely pure components like yuzu zest, chili peppers, and salt. Nevertheless, people with particular dietary issues, corresponding to these with allergy symptoms to citrus or chili peppers, ought to train warning and examine the components checklist to make sure it meets their dietary wants.

Can Yuzu Kosho be used as an alternative choice to different citrus-based condiments like lemon or lime zest?

Sure, Yuzu Kosho can function a flavorful substitute for lemon or lime zest in lots of recipes. Its distinctive citrusy aroma and tangy style can add a novel dimension to dishes that decision for citrus zest.

Yuzu kosho Recipe

yuzu kosho in a jar

Yuzu kosho Components

Components of Yuzu kosho for Measurements
Inexperienced yuzu peel 80g
Inexperienced chili peppers (seeds eliminated) 80g
Salt 16g
出典: かわしま屋

The right way to make Yuzu kosho?


Take away yuzu pores and skin

Take away the broken pores and skin from the yuzu and grate solely the inexperienced half on a grater.


Reduce and take away the stems and seeds

Sporting rubber gloves, take away the stems from the chili peppers, lower them in half lengthwise, and take away the seeds and membranes. Chili peppers are very robust, so watch out to not contact your face or rub your eyes whereas doing this.


Chop chili peppers and add yuzu juice

Chop the chili peppers with a knife and mix in a blender till easy. If the mixer doesn’t work correctly, add a little bit squeezed yuzu juice.


Put salt and serve

Combine and put some salt, pack it in a clear container, and it’s prepared.

You can also make crimson yuzu pepper utilizing yellow yuzu peel and crimson chili pepper.

Some suggestion of Yuzu kosho

Yuzunoka Honpo’s Yuzunoka

Yuzunoka Honpo's Yuzunoka

The second you open the bottle, you may odor the smooth scent of yuzu. Once you eat it, the aroma rapidly leaves your nostril, forsaking a refreshing spiciness. It has a barely salty style and isn’t too spicy, so it may be used as a seasoning so as to add the aroma of yuzu, saltiness, and spiciness. It will not be spicy sufficient for individuals who like spicy meals, however if you happen to’re on the lookout for the scent of yuzu, that is the most effective

Kawahara Meals’ Hizen Mifukuan Yuzu Kosho

Kawahara Foods' Hizen Mifukuan Yuzu Kosho

It has a candy aroma just like marmalade, with a touch of salt and spiciness. You may benefit from the pure sweetness and saltiness of yuzu in a great stability. When added to a duck pot, the pure sweetness brings out the country taste of the duck meat, whereas the delicate saltiness and marmalade-like aroma gently brighten the aftertaste.

Kawazu Household Rigorously Made Grain Yuzu Pepper

Kawazu Family Carefully Made Grain Yuzu Pepper

 It has a extra bitter and bitter aroma than the pores and skin of a yuzu fruit, and has a refreshing style just like a mandarin orange. Once you chunk into the coarsely chopped and kneaded pores and skin, you may really feel the sourness and refined saltiness, adopted by the bitterness of the fruit. Common spiciness and average saltiness. It’s straightforward to make use of as a seasoning and goes properly with olive oil and paprika.


yuzu kosho in white plate with blue stripes

Subsequent time you end up in Japan, make sure you search out the pleasant flavors of Yuzu Kosho. Whether or not including a kick to your noodles or bringing a burst of zest to your seafood, this versatile condiment guarantees to raise your culinary expertise. With its wealthy historical past and big selection of functions, Yuzu Kosho is a real gem of Japanese delicacies ready to be found.

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