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What to Prepare dinner with Japanese Mushrooms (15+ Recipes!) • Simply One Cookbook

Uncover the various advantages and deliciousness of cooking with Japanese mushrooms! From shiitake to enoki to matsutake, we’ll present you may up-level your on a regular basis meal with these mighty and versatile mushrooms.

Japanese Mushrooms (Enoki, King Oyster, Shiitake, Maitake, and Shimeji Mushrooms)

Bursting with umami flavors and satiating textures, mushrooms have been an important ingredient in Japanese delicacies for hundreds of years. We love cooking with these delectable fungi and sometimes incorporate them into all kinds of dishes.

On this article, let’s study all about well-liked Japanese mushrooms and a few finest methods to cook dinner with them.

Why You Must Add These Mushrooms to Your Dishes

  • Japanese mushrooms have lengthy been valued for his or her excellent well being advantages as they comprise a variety of antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals.
  • Every mushroom has its personal distinctive texture and wealthy taste profile that may’t be overwhelmed. In consequence, they are perfect for plant-based consuming and an ideal meat substitute.
  • Versatile and straightforward to make use of. You should utilize them as supporting roles to reinforce umami in your dishes or make them the star of the present.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms (椎茸) are arguably probably the most well-known selection in Japanese cooking. Their deep, earthy taste and meaty texture make them ideally suited for making vegan dashi, soups, scorching pots, simmered dishes, stir-fries, and extra.

You’ll be able to typically discover contemporary or dried shiitake mushrooms within the markets. For a easy but irresistible dish, sauté contemporary shiitake mushrooms with garlic, soy sauce, and a touch of mirin. Add them to udon or ramen for a pleasant twist that may go away you craving extra.

We love conserving a bag of dried shiitake in our pantry as you may reconstitute and use them anytime. Because of their concentrated taste, dried shiitake mushrooms are finest for making dashi and different vegetarian soup inventory.

For those who’re in search of high quality Japanese-grown dried shiitake mushrooms, we advocate this and this.

A fluted oval shape containing stir-fried mushrooms and eggs drizzled with ankake sauce.
Stir-Fried Mushrooms and Eggs

Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushroom

Also called “Hen of the Woods,” maitake mushrooms (舞茸) have a definite look resembling a cluster of dancing leaves. Their delicate, barely nutty style pairs superbly with seafood, hen, and tofu. Attempt roasting maitake mushrooms with a drizzle of sesame oil and soy sauce for an beautiful aspect dish that may impress your friends.

A Japanese clay pot simmering chicken meatballs, tofu, mushrooms, and various vegetables in a savory dashi broth.
Mizutaki (Hen Scorching Pot)

Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms (えのき茸), with their lengthy, slender stems and tiny caps, add a fragile contact to any dish. They’re generally utilized in scorching pots (nabe), stir-fries, braises, noodles dishes, and curries. As soon as cooked, they’ve a gentle nutty style and a barely chewy, silky but crunchy texture, making them a enjoyable addition to your meals. Create a scrumptious enoki mushroom and tofu scorching pot with a savory dashi broth for a comforting and nourishing meal that’s good for cold evenings.

A donabe containing pork, cabbage, tofu, and mushrooms in a kombu broth.
Scorching Pot for One

Shimeji Mushrooms

Buna shimeji (beech mushroom)

Shimeji mushrooms (ぶなしめじ) boast a gentle, barely candy style that pairs properly with a spread of elements. Their small, clustered caps add an enthralling aesthetic to any dish, and the feel is tender but chewy on the identical time. We like to toss them in with miso soups, pasta dishes, and even in omelets or sauté them with olive oil or butter. One other easy means is to stir-fry shimeji mushrooms with colourful bell peppers, snap peas, and your alternative of protein for a vibrant and nutritious meal!

A white ceramic plate containing Japanese-style Tuna Mushroom Pasta garnished with shredded nori and shiso leaves.
Japanese-style Tuna Mushroom Pasta

Matsutake Mushrooms

matsutake mushroom

Thought of a delicacy in Japan, matsutake mushrooms (松茸) are extremely prized for his or her distinctive spicy aroma and pine-like taste. They’re typically utilized in conventional dishes like matsutake gohan (blended rice), clear broth soups, or chawanmushi. Savor the essence of autumn with a warming matsutake mushroom soup, the place their wealthy perfume takes middle stage.

Chawanmushi cups containing matsutake mushrooms, shrimp, and fish cake slices in a savory steamed egg mixture.
Matsutake Mushroom Chawanmushi

Nameko Mushrooms

Nameko Mushrooms

Nameko mushrooms (なめこ) are small and slimy when cooked, however don’t let that deter you—they’re filled with umami goodness! Add them to miso soup or simmer them in a soy-based sauce with a contact of sugar and mirin for an intriguing aspect dish that may make your style buds dance.

Japanese wooden bowls containing Nameko Mushroom Miso Soup.
Nameko Mushroom Miso Soup

King Oyster Mushrooms

King Oyster Mushrooms (Eringi Mushrooms)

King oyster mushrooms (エリンギ), also referred to as eringi mushrooms, have a sturdy texture and a delicate, nutty style. They maintain up properly when grilled or roasted, making them a superb meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans. Slice them thick and marinate with soy sauce and ginger earlier than grilling for a mouthwatering deal with. We additionally love them in vegetarian curry or deep-fried for tempura.

A white plate containing Vegetarian Japanese Curry along with steamed rice.
Vegetarian Japanese Curry

Recipes Utilizing Assorted Japanese Mushrooms

Assortment of mushrooms are wrapped and cooked in foil with miso and butter.

🍄 Miso Butter Mushroom in Foil. These miso butter mushrooms in foil packets are really easy to make with a medley of Japanese mushrooms. Serve it as a aspect or a predominant dish.

A white oval plate containing Vegetable Gyoza and dipping sauce.

🍄 Vegetable Gyoza. These pan-fried dumplings are filled with a contemporary and light-weight filling of tofu, cabbage, carrots, and shiitake and king oyster mushrooms. Crisp on the underside and juicy on the within, it’s love at first chunk!

A Hario donabe (Japanese clay pot) containing Japanese Mushroom Rice topped with butter, chives, and sea salt flakes.

🍄 Japanese Mushroom Rice. This fragrant blended rice actually shines a highlight on the completely different traits of those much-treasured Japanese mushrooms!

Warm Mushroom Salad with Sesame Dressing in a dark ceramic bowl.

🍄 Heat Mushroom Salad with Sesame Dressing. A easy but lovely salad to jazz up your dinner any evening of the week.

A white round plate containing Yaki Udon (Japanese Stir-Fried Udon Noodles) garnished with red pickled ginger.

🍄 Yaki Udon. Thinly sliced shiitake, king oyster, shimeji or a mixture of these mushrooms are fabulous in a vegetarian model of yaki udon.

Japanese round cast iron pan containing Sukiyaki, a Japanese hot pot dish where marbled beef, tofu, and vegetables are simmered in sweetened soy sauce broth.

🍄 Sukiyaki. We are able to’t go with out mushrooms on this wintertime favourite.

Have you ever tried all of the mushrooms featured above? Depart us a remark under and share your favourite methods of cooking with these Japanese mushrooms!

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