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Tokishirazu – Summer season caught Salmon Japan

Have you ever heard in regards to the fish known as “Tokishirazu” that individuals get pleasure from in Hokkaido? It’s not your typical salmon – it has a singular taste that units it aside. To those that are acquainted, it’s thought-about a top-notch ingredient from Hokkaido. On this article, the writer will dive into particulars about when it’s in season, the place they produced it, what makes it particular, the way it differs from common salmon, and a few tasty methods to savor Tokishirazu.


What’s Tokishirazu?


Tokishirazu refers back to the summer-caught salmon. Tokishirazu is a top-notch ingredient from Hokkaido that meals lovers actually love. It’s been a neighborhood treasure for some time, loved as a particular salmon caught from spring to summer time. Due to phrase of mouth and TV options, it gained recognition past the native scene. It’s a sort of chum salmon, much like those in autumn, however because it’s not in its spawning season, the flesh is fatty and scrumptious with out the presence of eggs or milt.

Salmon that journey upstream to the Hokkaido coast to put eggs from autumn to early winter are often called “autumn salmon.” Then again, chum salmon that migrate upstream throughout the low season from spring to summer time are known as “toxirazu.” In kanji, the title is written as “tokishiran” or “tokisake,” indicating a fish caught with out understanding the particular season.

Tokishirazu Historical past


What units this salmon other than the same old autumn salmon is the place it comes from. Whereas autumn salmon are born in Hokkaido’s rivers, toxilaz are born within the Amur River in northern Russia and make their method to Hokkaido throughout migration. Catching toxirazu when it’s nonetheless younger is claimed to be particularly tasty as a result of it hasn’t reached the spawning stage. This implies the entire physique is wealthy in fats and vitamins, not simply the eggs or milt. Toxilazu is a prized salmon identified for its wonderful fats content material and tender flesh, making it fashionable nationwide. “Yakizuke Toxilaz” is a basic Hokkaido dish that showcases toxilaz. It has been loved as a delicacy at house for a very long time, and throughout the Sapporo Competition (now the Hokkaido Jingu Competition) in June, households historically put together and savor “grilled Toxirazu” and “Sekihan.”

Why is it named Tokishirazu? 


Properly, common Hokkaido salmon spend 4 years within the sea earlier than returning to the river to spawn within the fall, they usually’re normally caught alongside the coast of Hokkaido throughout this journey. On the flip facet, Tokishirazu comes from the Amur River in Russia and is caught off Hokkaido’s coast throughout its sea migration. They name it Tokishirazu as a result of locals catch it in an early stage from spring to early summer time, which means it’s a salmon caught with out understanding the precise timing. By the way in which, in Hokkaido, folks additionally check with it as “Tokizake” and “Oosuke.”

How is it completely different from common salmon?


Common salmon and Toxirazu have some key variations

[Regular Salmon] Such a salmon is born in Hokkaido’s rivers and is caught throughout its autumn return to spawn within the river.

[Toxirazu] Born in Russia’s rivers, Toxirazu is caught whereas nonetheless within the sea, not absolutely mature but. This occurs throughout the season from spring to summer time.

When common salmon return to spawn, their vitamins go into their ovaries and testicles, making them much less fatty. Then again, Toxirazu salmon isn’t able to spawn, so its physique is filled with vitamins, making it extra fatty and tender.

Is it completely different from “Sakeiji”?


You may need heard a couple of actually uncommon fish known as “Sakeji.” It’s usually combined up with Toxirazu, but it surely’s really a younger, not absolutely grown white salmon. Similar to Toxirazu, it comes from the Amur River in Russia. So, they’re the identical kind of fish, however Sakeji is caught alongside different salmon once they come close to the coast searching for meals. It’s tremendous unusual, with just one in 10,000 of them being caught.

Really helpful methods to eat


Begin with probably the most scrumptious half, the fatty harasu across the innards. Grill it merely with salt for a mouthwatering expertise. Toxirazu’s harasu boasts over 3 times the fats of standard salmon. It’s juicy, not sticky, and carries a singular, irresistible taste that enhances your rice completely. The gentle flesh stays tender even when grilled. Go for grilling with salt or yuan for a pleasant twist. For sashimi lovers, rouibe is the right alternative. Utilizing the entire fish opens up varied choices, corresponding to making a soup or pot dish by cooking it with sardines for an beautiful broth. The gentle pores and skin makes it a really perfect fried snack with alcohol. Don’t overlook to savor the scrumptious intestines, liver, tripe, and extra, making certain you get pleasure from each half with none waste.

Tokishirazu FAQ

When is Tokishirazu in season and the place does it come from? 

Tokishirazu is in season throughout spring and summer time, with those caught in early summer time being uncommon and priced excessive. It’s produced alongside the Pacific coast of Hokkaido and off the coast of Sanriku.

What are some options of Tokishirazu?

Tokishirazu is a younger salmon, so its pores and skin and scales are gentle. The entire physique has a phenomenal luster, and the tail fin has silver radial markings. As a result of they catch this earlier than they’re able to spawn, vitamins aren’t absorbed into the ovaries and testicles, making them fatty and scrumptious.

Tokishirazu Recipe

Tokishirazu Elements

Elements of Tokishirazu for 4 individuals Measurements
Tokishirazu 250g
Garnished greens 10g
Soy sauce 42g
Liquor 28g

How you can make Tokishirazu?


Marinate the salmon and depart it

Mix the seasonings in a plastic bag, put the salmon in it, seal it tightly, and marinate for about half a day.


Grill the salmon

Brush the marinade just a few occasions alongside the way in which till it has a pleasant shine, then serve with seasonal greens.

The place to purchase Tokishirazu?

Kumada (サーモン丼 熊だ)

“Kumada” in Harajuku is a well-liked restaurant specializing in salmon rice bowls, the place salmon is delivered immediately from the farm and ready very first thing within the morning for the day’s use. They deal with salmon from quite a lot of manufacturing areas, so along with Tokishirazu, additionally they have salmon bowls utilizing Nagano/Shinshu salmon and Shinano Yukimasu, and donburi menus that mix salmon with salmon roe.

Handle: Sukigara Constructing B1F, 3-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: 036-8046-338
Hours open: 11:30-20:30
Web site: http://kumada.tokyo/

Shake Kojima (しゃけ小島 本店)

Shake Kojima Honten is a advisable restaurant in Tokyo the place you may eat Tokishirazu. All the menu objects are moderately priced and the restaurant has an informal ambiance. You may get pleasure from salmon, salmon roe, sujiko, and extra at affordable costs. On the Salmon Kojima Essential Retailer, recent salmon is shipped immediately from Kushiro, Hokkaido, so yow will discover it on the menu in early summer time when the high-quality fish Tokishirazu is in season. Really helpful to eat the shirazu with oil on it just by sprinkling salt flippantly and grilling it, and you can even eat it as a set meal with out grilling or shirazu.

Handle: 1-3-15 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Mensore Daitoba
Telephone quantity: 036-240-8409
Hours open: 17:00-23:00
Web site: https://shake-kojima.com/

Shake Stand (しゃけスタンド)

We advocate visiting the salmon stand to get pleasure from a drink with some scrumptious shirazu as a facet dish. Since they served it on the counter, it will not be sufficient for individuals who wish to take their time and revel in Tokishirazu. Nonetheless, it’s a restaurant that’s simple to come back by, so it is strongly recommended for individuals who wish to check out Shirazu once they don’t usually come throughout it. 

Handle: 1-3-15 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Hours open: 17:00-23:00 (LO) open on Sundays
Web site: https://www.instagram.com/shakekojima/?hl=ja



In conclusion, Tokishirazu holds a singular place in Japan’s culinary panorama, embodying a tasty fusion of Russian origin and Hokkaido’s coastal richness. From its distinctive style to its versatile culinary functions, Tokishirazu provides a culinary journey for these prepared to discover. This text has aimed to make clear its distinctive traits, seasonality, and advisable preparations, inviting readers to embark on a flavorful journey.

You may test some Japanese dishes under that we all know you wish to strive too.

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