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Suntory Whiskey – Whiskey identified model in Japan

Suntory Whiskey is an iconic identify synonymous with the wealthy custom and innovation of Japanese whiskey-making. Famend for its various vary of flavors and expressions, it captivates fanatics with its unparalleled style and heritage. Now, let’s study extra about this kind of whiskey.

What’s Suntory whiskey?

Suntory whiskey two glasses

Suntory is a giant identify in Japan on the subject of whiskey. They’re thought-about pioneers in Japanese whisky manufacturing. They grew to become a well known Japanese beverage firm that produces quite a lot of alcoholic drinks, together with whiskey. Suntory Whiskey is famend for its high quality and craftsmanship, with a number of common manufacturers beneath its umbrella, comparable to Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Hibiki. Having based the first-ever Japanese whisky distillery again in 1923. Suntory stays a number one producer of whiskey in Japan and a revered identify within the world whiskey market. Its dedication to high quality, innovation, and custom continues to form the evolution of Japanese whiskey.

Suntory whiskey Origin

Suntory distillery

Suntory, a Japanese beverage firm, was based by Shinjiro Torii in 1899. Initially, it centered on importing and distributing Western liquors, wines, and different drinks. In 1923, Shinjiro Torii established the Yamazaki Distillery in Yamazaki, close to Kyoto. This marked the start of whiskey manufacturing in Japan. They selected the placement for its pure water supply and favorable local weather, just like whiskey-producing areas in Scotland.

Their first try, Suntory Shirofuda in 1929, wasn’t successful, however it marked the start of their whisky journey. Studying from Shirofuda’s reception, Suntory centered on crafting whisky suited to Japanese tastes – lighter and extra delicate than Scotch. This led to the beginning of Suntory Kakubin, a blended whisky that grew to become an enormous success and stays Japan’s high vendor.

As a substitute of replicating Scotch whiskies, Suntory centered on making a lighter and extra delicate type that resonated with Japanese palates. This led to the success of the enduring “Kakubin” mix launched in 1937. 1984 launch of “Yamazaki 12 Years,” a pioneering single malt that helped put Japanese whisky on the world map. The model celebrated their one hundredth anniversary final yr, 2023.

Variations in manufacturing and style of three main whiskies

We are going to discover the variations between the three hottest Japanese whiskies, Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Hibiki, that are extraordinarily common each domestically and internationally.


Suntory whiskey yamazaki

Yamazaki whiskey originates from the Yamazaki Distillery, the place each bottle is completely crafted. In comparison with blended varieties like Hibiki, every Yamazaki whiskey bears a definite character because of the individuality of every distillery. Regardless of being single malt, variations come up as a result of differing water sources, uncooked supplies, brewing strategies, barrel supplies, and processes, leading to distinctive flavors. Yamazaki is famend for its candy style, wealthy aroma, and clean texture.


Hakushu whiskey stands out for its utilization of exceptionally delicate water, resulting in a crisp, clear style with a dry end. Distinctive smoky notes emerge from using peat throughout the drying technique of the elements. Initially, the smoky aroma might sound overwhelming, however over time, it turns into an acquired style, elevating the general expertise.


Hibiki, being a blended whiskey, gives a harmonious steadiness of flavors and famend for its approachability. Regardless of its blended nature, Hibiki maintains a delicate and splendid mouthfeel, making it extremely pleasant. Crafted via the mixing of numerous sake sorts, Hibiki embodies a creative expression of Japanese craftsmanship, incomes admiration worldwide.

12 Really helpful Suntory merchandise

Suntory drinks


1. Suntory Single Malt Whiskey Yamazaki

Delicate, advanced, and deep taste. They rigorously choose and punctiliously mix extraordinarily uncommon malts. A consultant single malt from Japan with a fragile and stylish style.

Yamazaki Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 4,200 yen
Yamazaki 12 years Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 8,500 yen
Yamazaki 18 years Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 2,5000 yen
Yamazaki 25 years Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 125,000 yen
Reference: Suntory

2. Suntory Single Malt Whiskey Hakushu

It has a contemporary and delicate smoky taste like younger leaves of the forest, with numerous unblended sakes which have the complexity and depth typical of “Hakushu.”

Hakushu Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 4,200 yen
Hakushu 12 years Briefly closed
Hakushu 18 years Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 25,000 yen
Hakushu 25 years Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 125,000 yen
Reference: Suntory


3. Suntory Whiskey Hibiki

Whatever the age of the whiskey, it’s a masterpiece made with quite a lot of whiskeys and craftsmanship cultivated all through whisky-making historical past. It has a stunning aroma and a deep but delicate style. 

Hibiki JAPANESE HARMONY Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 5,000 yen
Hibiki BLENDER’S CHOICE Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: – yen
Hibiki 21 years Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 25,000 yen
Hibiki 30 years Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 125,000 yen
Reference: Suntory

4. Suntory Royal 

Royal is a whiskey that locals launched to commemorate Suntory’s sixtieth anniversary. Its allure lies in its beautiful mix of aroma, style, and coloration, permitting you to get pleasure from its wealthy and stylish style.

royal Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 3,360 yen
royal slim Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 2,920 yen
Reference: Suntory

5. Suntory Whiskey Particular Reserve

“Reserve” has been a preferred long-seller together with Royal and Outdated since its launch in 1969. It is a blended whiskey with an expensive black and white monotone bottle design. Characterised by a mellow texture style and a candy scent just like vanilla.

particular reserve Alcohol content material: 40%, reference value: 2,680 yen
Reference: Suntory

6. Suntory Whiskey Outdated 

Outdated is a whiskey with a rounded bottle and is affectionately generally known as “Daruma”. The attractive, fruity style derived from sherry barrels means that you can get pleasure from a mellow and barely candy aftertaste.

previous Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 1,880 yen
Reference: Suntory

7. Suntory Whiskey Kakubot 

Suntory Whiskey Sq. Bottle is one in every of Suntory’s best-selling merchandise. The style is a well-balanced mix of bourbon barrel whiskey from Yamazaki Distillery and Hakushu Distillery and has a candy aroma and a wealthy physique.

sq. bottle Alcohol content material: 40%, reference value: 1,590 yen
Reference: Suntory

8. Suntory Whiskey Toris Basic

It’s common as a whiskey that anybody can get pleasure from as a result of it’s straightforward to drink in preparations comparable to cocktails and highballs, and it’s also possible to drink this on the rocks or combined with water.

Toris〈Basic〉 Alcohol content material: 37%, reference value: 900 yen
Tris (additional) Alcohol content material: 40%, reference value: 1,080 yen
Reference: Suntory

9. Suntory White 

The style is just like Suntory Royal, and its enchantment is that it’s clean and simple to drink. It has glorious value efficiency and is a model that’s straightforward to advocate for on a regular basis use.

white Alcohol content material: 40%, reference value: 1,174 yen
Reference: Suntory

10. Suntory Purple 39°

It has a caramel-like sweetness, making it straightforward to strive even for many who don’t like spicy whisky, which has a robust alcoholic impact.

purple Alcohol content material: 39%, reference value: 884 yen
Reference: Suntory

11. Suntory World Whiskey Ao

This is the world’s first particular whiskey that blends the world’s 5 main whiskeys made at our distillery. It has a candy and lovely aroma and a mellow style, with a nice smoky aftertaste.

World Whiskey Ao Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 6,000 yen
Reference: Suntory


12. Suntory Whiskey Chita

This is a single-grain whiskey created utilizing the varied craftsmanship and craftsmanship cultivated over a few years on the Chita Distillery in Aichi Prefecture. Characterised by its gentle style and faintly candy aroma.

Chita Alcohol content material: 43%, reference value: 3,800 yen
Reference: Suntory

Suntory whiskey FAQ

Concerning the benefit of ingesting Yamazaki and Hakushu

Yamazaki whiskey is understood for its wealthy, wealthy taste, however some customers might discover it too robust. Alternatively, Hakushu whiskey has a lightweight texture and a refreshing style, making it particularly beneficial for whiskey newcomers and individuals who choose a lighter style.

Which one is extra common among the many main whiskies?

Finally, whether or not Yamazaki or Hakushu is extra common depends upon particular person choice. Yamazaki whiskey is chosen by those that search its deep taste and complicated aroma, whereas Hakushu whiskey is chosen by those that like its refreshing really feel and ease of ingesting. Each have firmly established their positions as Japan’s main whiskey manufacturers.

Methods to make Suntory whiskey?

Barley Preparation

Uncooked barley undergoes a variety course of, favoring two-rowed barley identified for its suitability in malt whisky manufacturing. The germinated barley is dried to supply malt, important for saccharification, the conversion of starch into sugar. Location choice for distilleries emphasizes entry to high quality water, a vital factor for whiskey manufacturing, with issues for style, odor, and mineral steadiness.

Saccharification Preparation

Malted barley is crushed and combined with heat water, initiating saccharification as enzymes within the malt convert starch into sugar. The ensuing porridge, generally known as wort, undergoes filtration, yielding an answer prepared for fermentation.


Wort ferments over roughly 60 hours, facilitated by the addition of yeast, resulting in the conversion of sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Fermentation completes, leading to moromi, a fermented liquid with an alcohol content material of round 7%.


Moromi undergoes distillation in copper pot stills, first and second distillations, to extend alcohol focus to 65-70%. The method makes use of the boiling level distinction of alcohol to extract unstable parts, together with alcohol and aroma, leading to “New Pot” whiskey.

Getting old and Storage

Newly distilled whiskey matures in barrels for prolonged intervals, with growing older durations starting from 3 to 10 years, influencing taste and coloration growth. Numerous barrel sorts, sizes, and storage circumstances contribute to advanced reactions, shaping the whiskey’s traits over time.


Vatting entails the mixing of malt spirits to create distinct whiskey expressions, comparable to Yamazaki 12 12 months Outdated, crafted completely from malt whiskey aged for over 12 years. Age indications signify the minimal age of the malt base sake used, with the typical age of vatted malt supply sake usually barely greater, showcasing the artistry of mixing.

The place to go to strive Suntory Whisky?

Suntory Whisky Home (サントリーウイスキーハウス)

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Suntory Whisky Home follows the idea of proposing a wealthy life-style with whisky and gives a Whiskey Gallery/Barrel, Whisky Eating, and Whisky Bottle Bar. It serves as a base for disseminating details about whisky, and goals to create and develop Western liquor tradition by proposing a wealthy life-style with whiskey.

You may as well get pleasure from whiskey in an authentic rocks glass developed by WWW.W. As well as, the meals menu is all rigorously chosen to go properly with whisky. Whiskey Home gives a wedding of meals that goes properly with whisky, proposed by its creator, the blender

Tackle: 2F, 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita -ku, Osaka
Telephone quantity: 06-6359-5177
Hours open: 11:30-14:30 LO Meals 13:30 Drinks 14:00
Web site: https://www.suntory.co.jp/whisky/whiskyhouse/

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