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Pork Tamago Onigiri – Pork Egg Rice balls and FAQs

Okinawa prefecture is famend for its distinctive and numerous meals tradition, which is a mix of conventional Okinawan delicacies and influences from different Asian international locations. The meals in Okinawa is thought for its contemporary elements, daring flavors, and well being advantages. Okinawan pork dishes are so wealthy in selection that there are nearly no cuts to select from. If in case you have canned Spam, eggs, seaweed, and rice, why not strive making Pork tamago Onigiri or Po-tama rice ball, the soul meals of Okinawans?


What’s Pork tamago onigiri?

Pork tamago onigiri in brown wrap and hand

Pork Tamago Onigiri is a rice ball made with fried egg and pork (luncheon meat) wrapped in rice and seaweed. Once you consider onigiri, you think about rice balls with plums or rice balls wrapped in a triangular form and sprinkled with seaweed. Nonetheless, onigiri is pork and egg wrapped in rice and seaweed and is a well-liked home-cooked dish all through the prefecture. This pork tamago onigiri is usually present in comfort shops (konbini) and bento retailers all through Japan. Making it a handy and engaging snack possibility for folks on the go.

Pork tamago onigiri Historical past

4 pcs of Pork tamago onigiri

Pork was thought-about a luxurious earlier than the struggle in Okinawa, with its introduction courting again to the fifteenth century from China. In the course of the Ryukyu Dynasty, pork gained reputation as a delicacy, particularly for entertaining Chinese language friends, regardless of being scarce. The state of affairs modified within the 18th century when the royal authorities promoted pig farming alongside the rise of candy potatoes, which grew to become a staple meals and pig feed. Regardless of the Meiji period’s culling, Okinawa maintained a sturdy pig trade, although pork remained a luxurious. After the struggle, with livestock depleted, the Uchinanchu from Hawaii performed a vital function. They transported over 500 pigs to Okinawa in 1948, revitalizing the pig farming trade and contributing to post-war reconstruction.

Pork tamago rice balls, a standard Japanese dish that includes rice, seaweed rolls, and a filling of pork and egg, unfold to Pacific islands in addition to among the many American navy. Folks of Japanese descent in mainland USA and Okinawa Prefecture loved this snack. That is the place Spam gained reputation post-World Conflict II as a consequence of American navy provides’ affect.

Variations from spam rice balls

potamaonigiri in plastic wrap

Form and elements

Spam onigiri is a well-liked Hawaiian dish that’s much like pork and egg onigiri. There’s a concept that it was unfold by immigrants who returned dwelling from Hawaii and introduced it again to Okinawa, however the primary distinction lies within the filling inside and its form. Spam onigiri is formed like “egg nigiri sushi” with rice and spam wrapped in seaweed. The most typical sort of pork and egg onigiri is an oblong form much like an onigirazu, and also you gained’t discover one which solely has pork as the one topping.

Why does Okinawa have a “pork consuming tradition”?

Pork tamago onigiri being held

Okinawa has a big “pork consuming tradition” as a consequence of historic, cultural, and financial elements. Traditionally, pork grew to become standard in Okinawa in the course of the Ryukyu Dynasty period as a delicacy, notably for entertaining Chinese language friends. Regardless of being scarce, pork regularly grew to become extra accessible to the widespread folks, particularly with the rise in pig farming promoted by the royal authorities.

Culturally, pork grew to become ingrained in Okinawan delicacies, that includes prominently in varied conventional dishes. An instance of those are Rafute (braised pork stomach) and Soki Soba (noodle soup with pork ribs). These dishes have been handed down by generations and proceed to be loved as a part of Okinawan culinary heritage. Economically, Okinawa’s pig farming trade thrived, making pork extra available in comparison with different areas in Japan. Moreover, the introduction of Spam and different pork merchandise by the American navy after World Conflict II additional solidified the recognition of pork in Okinawan delicacies.

Pork tamago onigiri FAQ

Is Pork Tamago Onigiri appropriate for vegetarians or vegans?

No, Pork Tamago Onigiri just isn’t appropriate for vegetarians or vegans because it comprises each pork and eggs, that are animal-derived merchandise. The filling of the onigiri sometimes consists of a combination of cooked pork and scrambled eggs. Subsequently, people following a vegetarian or vegan food regimen ought to go for different styles of onigiri which can be stuffed with plant-based elements like greens or pickled plums (umeboshi).

Can Pork Tamago Onigiri be made with different protein sources?

Sure, you can also make Pork Tamago Onigiri with different protein sources for individuals who don’t devour pork or eggs. One possibility is to switch the pork with tofu or tempeh for a vegetarian model, whereas the eggs may be substituted with scrambled tofu or a plant-based egg substitute for a vegan different.

Pork tamago onigiri Recipe

pork tamago onigiri being made

Components of Pork tamago onigiri

Pork Tamago Onigiri Components Measurements
Spam 5mm thick 40g
Eggs 46g
Salt 0.5g
Rice 400g
Grilled seaweed lower in half 10g
Lettuce 20g
Salad oil 3g
Tuna mayo sauce
Mayonnaise 21g
Tuna 30g
Pepper 0.5g
Ketchup sauce
Ketchup 21g
Onion 15g
Grated garlic 1g
Olive oil 7g
Pepper 0.5g
出典: 沖縄やんばる牧場

The right way to make Pork tamago onigiri?


Fry the eggs and spam

Add eggs and salt to a bowl and blend. Warmth salad oil in a frying pan and make fried eggs. Subsequent, fry the spam in the identical frying pan with out including any oil.


Making the sauces

Make the sauce by mixing their particular elements.


Layer the elements

Minimize the tamagoyaki into 4 items. ​​​​​Layer the rice, lettuce, fried egg, sauce, Spam, and rice on the grilled nori in that order, then wrap the 2 half slices of grilled nori round it and form it.

The place to purchase Pork tamago onigiri?

Potama Makishi Market Retailer (ポーたま 牧志市場店)

Pork tamago onigiri from Potama Makishi Market Store

A pork and egg specialty retailer with areas not solely in Okinawa but additionally in Fukuoka and Honolulu, Hawaii. Makishi Ichiba retailer is close to Kokusai Road, Naha Airport, and Chatan American Village, so we suggest taking it out whereas sightseeing! There are additionally hearty menus similar to bitter gourd tempura and shrimp tar. There’s additionally a restricted menu that may solely be bought on the Makishi Market retailer, so make sure to test that out as nicely.

Tackle: 2-8-35 Matsuo, Naha Metropolis, Okinawa Prefecture
Cellphone quantity: 098-867-9550
Hours open: 7:00am – 19:00pm
Web site: http://porktamago.com/

Fukusuke’s Tamagoyaki (福助の玉子焼き/市場本通り店)

Pork tamago onigiri from Fukusuke's Tamagoyaki

“Fukusuke’s Tamagoyaki” Ichiba Hondori department makes pork and egg rice balls full of thickly baked eggs. This can be a very thick egg roll with loads of quantity. Okinawa’s tamagoyaki has historically been salty, but it surely’s additionally good to place tamagoyaki with dashi soup into pork and egg rice balls.

Tackle: 2-11th of September Matsuo, Naha Metropolis, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0014
Cellphone quantity: 098-869-6244
Hours open: 8:00~19:00
Web site: https://www.fukusuke-tamago.com/

Okinawa Onigiri King (沖縄おにぎりキング)

Pork tamago onigiri from Okinawa Onigiri King

A store specializing in pork and egg rice balls positioned at Toyosaki Roadside Station in Tomigusuku Metropolis within the southern a part of the town. They’re all made with contemporary elements from Okinawa. The meals is made after receiving your order, so you’ll be able to get pleasure from freshly made meals.

Tackle: 3-86 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku Metropolis, Okinawa Prefecture 901-0225
Cellphone quantity: 080-3907-8543
Hours open: 9:00 to 17:00 (till bought out) Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Web site: https://www.instagram.com/onigiri.king_okinawa/

Comfort retailer

Specialty shops are good, however you can even purchase scrumptious pork and egg rice balls at comfort shops late at evening or early within the morning, so it’s additionally really useful on the best way dwelling from ingesting late or when you need to depart early within the morning.


close up look of type of onigiri

Subsequent time you end up in Japan, make sure to strive Pork Tamago Onigiri! With its scrumptious mixture of savory pork and fluffy scrambled eggs wrapped in seasoned rice, it’s a flavorful and handy snack that’s excellent for having fun with on the go. Whether or not you’re exploring bustling metropolis streets or stress-free in serene countryside settings, Pork Tamago Onigiri is a must-try culinary delight that can absolutely fulfill your style buds and depart you yearning for extra.

You possibly can strive different Japanese dishes beneath we suggest you to strive!

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