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Palm Leaf Fish Garnish

A quite simple garnish that appears gorgeous on each sushi plate. Chef Devaux is aware of how to do this, and in a short time, so will you!

Step 1: Making ready the leaf

Lengthwise, tear of two strips of palm leaf of 4 cm large. Take away the stringy bits and clear the leaves with some chilly water.

Palm Leaf Before

Folding 1

floding a palm leaf like origami

Step 2: Folding the leaf

Place one finish of the leaf between your thumb and index finger and make a loop again to your index finger. Roll the opposite finish round your index finger and make one other loop again to your index finger. Take the second leaf, stick it by the center of the final loop, then stick it between the 2 loops and full it by for 80 p.c. Stick the tip within the first loop after which stick it between the 2 loops. Subsequent, pull the tip over the surface after which stick it by the within of the loop. What you’re really doing is nothing greater than braiding the 2 leaves collectively.

Check out the video on the Sushi Channel of Chef Devaux and see how he does it. This can make it a lot less complicated so that you can braid the leaves collectively.

Folding 2

Folding palm leaf 3

Step 3: Tightening the bundle

As soon as the braiding is completed – it’ll solely take a minute – pull the leaves collectively and take all of the slack out of it. You’re supposed to finish up with a tightly braided bundle of palm leaves. It’ll take some fidgeting, nevertheless it’s not laborious. Simply be sure you don’t pull too laborious, in any other case you’ll harm the leaves and consequently the garnish.

Palm Leaf Tighten

Cutting Leaf

Step 4: Trimming and ending the garnish

Minimize a zigzag sample of 10 cm within the leaves on the within and minimize off the remaining. Make a diagonal straight minimize on the outer leaves. That’s it. You’ve created palm leaf garnish within the form of a fish! However don’t overlook: this garnish just isn’t for consuming, however strictly for adornment.

Palm Leaf Cut

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