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Osaka Kushikatsu – Meals Sake Tokyo

Kushikatsu Daruma

Kushi katsu, or kushi agé, are breaded and deep-fried skewers. Osaka is legendary for this informal, crowd-pleasing dish. Kushi means skewer. Katsu refers to cutlets or breaded and deep-fried meals. Agé means fried.

The fillings run the vary from meat to seafood to greens and cheese. Order a wide range of skewers and an ice chilly beer. Uncooked cabbage, served in a easy bowl, is refreshing between the fried skewers. Some eating places serve a dipping sauce in a big vessel that the skewers will be dipped in. This Daruma put the sauce in a pourer that could possibly be squeezed over the skewers. Unsure if that is one thing that modified for the reason that pandemic.

Tsūtenkaku remark platform.

Daruma is a well-liked chain of kushi katsu in Osaka. This department, opened in 1929, is in Shin Sekai and is on the base of the Tsūtenkaku Tower, a landmark within the space. On the highest of the tower is a cool remark platform with a transparent backside ground – if you happen to’re courageous sufficient to look down! Daruma has branches all through Osaka. In case you’re travels are solely in Tokyo you’ll find kushikatsu eating places right here.

Daruma だるま @kushikatsu_daruma_official

Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Ebisu Higashi 2-3-9

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