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Oosaka Sushi – Osaka-style Sushi

Oosaka sushi has a particular taste profile and presentation in comparison with different varieties of sushi in Japan. It’s typically loved as a regional specialty and could be present in numerous sushi eating places in Osaka and the encircling Kansai area. On this article, we are going to study extra about Oosaka sushi.


What’s Oosaka sushi?

Oosaka sushi (大阪寿司)

Oosaka sushi, additionally referred to as Osaka-style sushi, is a particular kind of sushi from Osaka, Japan. It’s a basic time period for sushi made in Osaka, which incorporates pressed sushi, rolled sushi, and steamed sushi. In Tokyo, sushi refers to nigiri (sushi rolls), however the consultant sushi in Osaka is oshizushi (pressed sushi), which is made by layering rice and toppings and urgent them collectively. It’s thicker and sweeter than different sushi rice. Osaka sushi typically contains cooked or marinated components like grilled fish and greens, as an alternative of uncooked fish. 

Oosaka sushi Historical past

Oosaka sushi (大阪寿司)

The origin of Osaka sushi is sort of attention-grabbing. Amongst numerous varieties of pressed sushi, one which stands out is field sushi, often known as “two-sun-rokubun kaiseki.” Initially, pressed sushi was a preferred alternative amongst widespread individuals and featured widespread fish like mackerel and horse mackerel. Nonetheless, through the Meiji interval, a sushi restaurant named “Yoshino Sushi” in Senba, Osaka, launched boxed sushi made with high-quality components like sea bream, shrimp, and conger eel. This compact, colourful sushi field, often known as hakozushi, turned out to be excellent for fast meals throughout theater intermissions or as souvenirs. It gained immense recognition among the many local people and shortly grew to become a beloved a part of hospitality delicacies. In consequence, it grew to become identified all through Osaka and is usually known as Osaka sushi. Osaka sushi additionally encompasses numerous distinctive sushi types, together with pressed sushi, futomaki sushi, and date sushi.

Why is Oosaka Sushi distinctive?

Oosaka sushi (大阪寿司)

Osaka sushi has a singular twist – it makes use of kelp inventory (kombu-dashi) and a variety of sugar in its rice. The additional sugar retains the rice moist and prevents it from getting too dry, which is vital as a result of Osaka sushi is normally served chilly. However typically, all that sugar could make the sushi style too candy, and it could possibly throw off the stability of flavors with salt and vinegar. When the sushi will get colder, the saltiness turns into even stronger. To repair this, they add dashi to maintain every thing in concord and stop spoilage, due to kelp’s pure preservative qualities. What’s attention-grabbing is that this candy model isn’t restricted to only Osaka sushi (hakozushi) – even Osaka’s nigiri sushi will get the candy remedy, giving it a milder, candy taste.

One other factor that’s distinctive to Oosaka sushi is that it has differing types. You’ll be able to select from Maki Zushi, Mushi Zushi, and Oshi Zushi. Makizushi is a sort of sushi made by wrapping vinegared rice and components in sheet seaweed like a roll cake, which locals referred to as “nori-maki.” Whereas the Mushi zushi‘s components are normally sea eel, shrimp, and different components which can be served steamed. Then, Oshi-zushi is a sort of Sushi and made by urgent sushi rice and toppings in a particular mould referred to as ‘Oshibako’ to create a rectangle block.

Tips on how to eat?

Oosaka sushi (大阪寿司)

Consuming and having fun with Osaka sushi is a scrumptious course of. First, you put together the sushi rice, season every ingredient with a tasty dashi or broth, and add a contact of vinegar. Then, you’re taking a picket body and layer it with sushi rice. You additionally add tamagoyaki and the opposite components on high, cowl it with a lid, and press it firmly. Afterwards, you chop it into bite-sized items and organized them neatly in a field. The cool factor is, that this technique seals out the air, giving it an extended shelf life and preserving its flavors. Plus, in the event you let it sit for some time after making it, the sushi rice and components mix collectively, making it much more scrumptious over time.

Oosaka sushi FAQ

How is Oosaka sushi differ from different sushi sorts?

Osaka sushi is distinct in its pressed, layered, and cooked strategy, providing a unique style and presentation in comparison with conventional Edo-style sushi present in different components of Japan. It’s a pleasant regional variation with a candy and savory twist that has its personal particular place in Japanese culinary tradition.

What are the important thing components and toppings utilized in Osaka sushi?

It sometimes begins with vinegared rice seasoned with a combination of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt to create a candy and savory base. What units Osaka sushi aside is its emphasis on cooked or marinated components like grilled fish (mackerel or eel), tamagoyaki (candy Japanese omelet), shrimp, conger eel, and marinated greens. 

Oosaka sushi Recipe

Oosaka sushi (大阪寿司)

Oosaka sushi Components

Components of Oosaka sushi for 4 individuals Measurements
[Sushi rice] Rice 300g
[Sushi rice] Dashi kelp 5g
[Mixed Vinegar A] Vinegar 56g
[Mixed Vinegar A] Sugar 21g
[Vinegar combination A] 7g
Shrimp 200g
[B] Vinegar 28g
[B] Sugar 7g
[B] Salt 4g
Egg 35g
[C] Dashi soup 7g
[C] Mirin 7g
[C] Sugar 14g
[C] Salt 2g
Grilled conger eel 200g
[D] Dashi soup 70g
[D] Darkish soy sauce 28g
[D] Mirin 28g
[D] Sugar 14g
Dried shiitake 30g
[E] Dipping soup 100g
[E] Sugar 21g
[E] Darkish soy sauce 14g

Tips on how to make Oosaka sushi?


Making ready the components

Devein the shrimp and wash them with water. Insert a bamboo skewer from the tail to the ventral facet, then boil with salt. As soon as cooled, take away the skewers, peel the shells, soak within the vinegar combination from [B] for five to six minutes, after which minimize into two slices. Season the eggs with [C] and bake to a thickness of about 2cm. Boil the grilled conger eel in [D] for about 10 minutes and go away it to chill within the broth. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water, boil them in [E] to soak up the flavour, after which chop them into items.


Assembling the Sushi

Lower the ready shrimp, eggs, and conger eel into rectangular items in line with the dimensions of the sushi mildew. Moist a sushi mildew with water, minimize it to the dimensions of the sushi mildew, and line it with leaf orchid moistened with vinegar and water. Fill the mildew evenly with sushi rice, high it with the tamagoyaki, colourful shrimp, and one other layer of leaf orchid. Cowl it with a press and apply even strain.

Add one other layer and serve

In an analogous method, create two extra layers utilizing the remaining sushi rice, shiitake mushrooms for one layer, and roasted nori with small sea bream pickled in sasama for an additional. After every layer, add leaf orchid and press. Lastly, minimize every of the three sushi layers into six equal items and prepare every kind on the plate for a pleasant presentation.

The place to purchase Oosaka sushi?

Izuju (いづ重(いづじゅう)

It is a well-known mackerel sushi restaurant positioned proper in entrance of Yasaka Shrine. The mackerel right here is moist, fatty, and scrumptious. Nonetheless, the vinegared rice was like a delicate rice ball, and the vinegar was too robust, so it mix nicely with the mackerel. As well as, cooked shiitake mushrooms are an vital element of the style of Kansai sushi.

Deal with: 292-1 North Gion-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Telephone quantity: 075-561-0019
Hours open: 10:30-19:00
Web site: https://gion-izuju.com/

Sakai (さか井(さかい)

It is a Kyoto sushi restaurant based in 1954. There are numerous long-established shops in Kyoto, so it seems like a comparatively new retailer. Moreover, that is positioned close to Kyoto’s kitchen, Nishiki Market. Now, their mackerel sushi may be very totally different from common mackerel sushi. The vinegared rice is mild and delicate, so you may absolutely benefit from the taste of the mackerel. The sweetness and wealthy taste coexist, and the vinegar and salt are finely supported.

Deal with: 592 Nishioyacho, Nishikikoji Shitaru, Takakura-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Metropolis, Kyoto Prefecture
Telephone quantity: 075-231-9240
Hours open: 11:30-18:30
Web site: https://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2601/A260201/26000463/

Suehiro (京のすし処 末廣壽司)

It is a long-established Kyoto sushi restaurant based within the Tenpo period. Their Mackerel stick sushi has a really neat and dignified look. It has a agency texture, however the meat is plump and moist. A scrumptious mackerel that is filled with fats and has an pleasurable aroma. The sweetness of the kelp, and the sweetness and sourness of the vinegared rice have been all built-in, this mackerel stick sushi had a wonderful style.

Deal with: 711 Yohojimae-cho, Teramachi Nijo-kamiru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Metropolis, Kyoto Prefecture
Telephone quantity: 075-231-1363
Hours open: 11:00-19:00
Web site: http://sushi-suehiro.jp/


Oosaka sushi (大阪寿司)

Oosaka sushi, with its distinctive traits and regional flavors, presents a pleasant departure from conventional sushi types. The mix of candy and savory components, the artistic use of components, and the distinctive presentation make Osaka sushi a culinary treasure within the wealthy tapestry of Japanese delicacies. We hope this text has given you precious insights into the world of Osaka sushi, its components, and its meticulous preparation.

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