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Miyazaki Beef – Prime grade high quality wagyu beef in Miyazaki

From its origins within the lush landscapes of Miyazaki to its journey onto eating tables globally, Miyazaki beef embodies the essence of Japanese culinary excellence. On this article, we are going to discover the fascinating story behind Miyazaki beef, its manufacturing course of, its distinct traits, and why it has earned a spot as one among Japan’s most coveted gourmand experiences.

What’s Miyazaki beef?

raw Miyazaki beef (宮崎牛)

Miyazaki Beef is a premium kind of Japanese black cattle raised and fattened completely in Miyazaki Prefecture, recognized for its distinctive meat high quality graded 4th or fifth by the Japan Meat Grading Affiliation. These cattle are descendants of specifically designated breeding bulls. With over 500 licensed Miyazaki Beef shops globally, there’s a complete system managing the whole lot from manufacturing and fattening to meat processing and distribution. Notably, Miyazaki Gyu earned Geographical Indication (GI) standing in December 2017 below the Act on the Safety of Names of Specified Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Merchandise, securing its standing as a revered regional specialty.

Roots of Miyazaki beef

Miyazaki beef sirloin steak

Miyazaki Prefecture, traditionally recognized for horse farming, skilled a decline in horse manufacturing post-war, resulting in a speedy enhance in Wagyu beef manufacturing. At present, Miyazaki ranks third in Japan for Wagyu cattle. By 1971, the area had shifted to an built-in manufacturing system, specializing in beef calf manufacturing, fattening, and meat processing. Miyazaki’s beef calves are extremely regarded nationwide, with round 40% being exported outdoors the prefecture as the muse for branded beef throughout Japan. Miyazaki Prefecture prioritized Wagyu cattle enchancment with traits like ease of fattening, upkeep, and meat high quality, resulting in the institution of the Miyazaki Prefecture Livestock Enchancment Company in 1973—the nation’s first unified administration system for breeding bulls. This effort, often known as the “Miyazaki Technique,” represents a novel collaboration between producers, associated organizations, and the federal government, persevering with its success to this present day.

What’s meat high quality grade?

cooked Miyazaki beef (宮崎牛)

Meat high quality grade is predicated on 4 objects: marbling, meat colour and luster, meat firmness and texture, and fats colour and high quality. You may discuss with our article about Wagyu Beef concerning the high quality grade and it’s also possible to go to the web site of the Japan Meat Grading Affiliation.

Breeding info

Miyazaki beef with corn

In Miyazaki Prefecture, Japanese Kuroge breed bulls are selectively bred by leveraging the distinctive traits of Japan’s main cattle strains: the sturdy physique of the “Ketaka line,” the balanced traits of the “Ito line,” and the excessive meat high quality of the “Tajima line.” Utilizing the prefecture’s specialised breeding strategies, which contain repeated refinement and enhancement, distinctive breeding cattle named “Anpei” and “Itohide” is efficiently developed. Collaborative efforts between Miyazaki Prefecture, the JA Group, and different beef cattle-related organizations have performed an important position in breeding and enhancing each female and male cattle, finally resulting in the famend Miyazaki gyu we all know at this time. Furthermore, the Miyazaki Prefecture Livestock Enchancment Company oversees the centralized administration of those breeding bulls, making certain the continued high quality and improvement of Miyazaki’s Wagyu beef trade.

About style of Miyazaki Beef

Miyazaki beef being cut

Miyazaki beef is common for its distinctive high quality and beautiful style, assembly stringent standards to make sure its excellence. This premium beef stands out for its superior meat high quality and finely marbled texture, leading to a tender and clean consistency with a wealthy, flavorful profile. When savored, Miyazaki gyu delights the palate with a fragile sweetness and an opulent aroma that enhances the general eating expertise. The cautious breeding and stringent requirements utilized to Miyazaki gyu contribute to its distinctive style and guarantee a outstanding culinary sensation with each chunk.

Miyazaki beef FAQ

What makes Miyazaki beef completely different from different varieties of Wagyu beef?

Miyazaki beef stands out from different Wagyu beef varieties on account of its distinctive traits derived from the Japanese Black cattle breed raised completely in Miyazaki Prefecture. The cattle are rigorously bred and managed, specializing in traits like ease of fattening, good meat high quality, and general robustness. Miyazaki beef is known for its distinctive marbling, which contributes to its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and wealthy taste.

What cooking strategies for getting ready Miyazaki beef to totally recognize its high quality?

To completely recognize the standard of Miyazaki beef, locals suggest to make use of cooking strategies that spotlight its tenderness and delicate taste. Miyazaki beef is greatest loved when cooked to medium-rare or medium doneness to protect its pure juices and taste. Grilling, pan-searing, or teppanyaki (iron griddle) cooking strategies are common selections for Miyazaki beef, as they permit for fast searing whereas sustaining the meat’s tenderness.

Miyazaki beef Recipe

Miyazaki beef rolls with potato and cheese Substances

Substances for 4 particular person Measurements
Thinly sliced ​​beef 200g
Potatoes 50g
Cheese 100g
Broccoli 40g
Garlic 10g
Salad oil 20g
Flour 14g
Mild soy sauce 7g
Sake 7g
Salt and pepper 1g

Easy methods to make Miyazaki beef?


Put together the potatoes

Wrap the potatoes with the pores and skin on and warmth within the microwave for 4 minutes. Peel the potatoes and minimize them into 1cm cubes.


Lower the cheese

Lower the cheese into 1cm sq. sticks.


Season the meat

Unfold the meat and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and flour.


Roll up the potato and cheese

Place one potato and cheese on every, and roll up whereas adjusting the form.


Warmth oil and fry the substances

Warmth the oil, add the garlic (thinly sliced), add sake and lightweight soy sauce, and stir-fry till golden brown. Then, warmth one other oil in one other frying pan, fry broccoli, and season with salt and pepper.

The place to purchase Miyazaki beef?

Yakiniku Kokaen (焼肉の幸加園 本店)

Miyazaki beef from Yakiniku Kokaen

At Yakiniku Kokaen, which is open solely within the night, for those who order the Premier Yakiniku course (3 varieties: 4,950 yen, 6,050 yen, and seven,700 yen), you’ll be able to get pleasure from the whole lot from Miyazaki gyu loin to offal and Miyazaki beef. One of many nice issues about yakiniku is that you could eat it the way in which you prefer it executed. Advisable menu objects embrace Miyazaki gyu skirt steak (1,870 yen), which has much less fats and a light-weight texture, and koji-zuke quick ribs (1,580 yen), marinated in salt koji that softens the meat and brings out the flavour.

Tackle: 1-1-1 Ehiranishi, Miyazaki Metropolis, Miyazaki Prefecture
Telephone quantity: 0985-26-0458
Hours open: 16:00 to 24:00 (final order 23:30)
Web site: https://koukaen.owst.jp/

Teppanyaki Steak Hitoba Miyachiku (一ツ葉ミヤチク)

Miyazaki beef from Teppanyaki Steak Hitoba Miyachiku

A restaurant with a sublime environment, positioned near the Ichiha coast. At lunchtime, you’ll be able to get pleasure from Miyazaki beef steak at an reasonably priced worth. The lean steak course (150g) for 3,000 yen and the women course (100g for loin) for 4,800 yen comes with soup, grilled greens, and a salad bar and drink bar, making for a really satisfying lunch.

Tackle: 1401-255 Maehama, Shinbeppu-cho, Miyazaki Metropolis, Miyazaki Prefecture
Hours open: [Lunch] 11:00-15:00 (final order 14:00) [Dinner] 17:00-21:30 ( (Final order 20:30)
Web site: https://relaxation.miyachiku.jp/hitotsuba/

Tonkatsu/Shabu Shabu Miyachiku (とんかつ ・しゃぶしゃぶ ミヤチク)

Miyazaki beef from Tonkatsu/Shabu Shabu Miyachiku

The advisable menu for each lunch and dinner at Tonkatsu/Shabu Shabu Miyachiku Restaurant is the Miyazaki Beef Lean Shabu Shabu Set (3,980 yen per particular person). The meat within the set is 150g of lean Miyazaki gyu. You may eat it as shabu-shabu with greens and mushrooms. Shabu-shabu soup is accessible in two varieties: Japanese-style kelp soup inventory and wealthy native hen salt soup inventory. Each soups go completely with Miyazaki gyu! You may get pleasure from altering the style relying on the soup.

Tackle: 173-5 Shoei-cho, Miyazaki Metropolis, Miyazaki Prefecture
Telephone quantity: 098-5892-989
Hours open: [Lunch] 11:00-15:00 (final order 2:30 p.m.) [Dinner] 17:00-21:00
Web site: https://relaxation.miyachiku.jp/tonshabu/

Closing Ideas

Miyazaki beef on green plate

In conclusion, if in case you have the chance to go to Japan, don’t miss the prospect to take pleasure in Miyazaki beef. This premium Wagyu delicacy provides a culinary expertise like no different, with its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, wealthy taste, and beautiful marbling. Whether or not you savor it as a fantastically marbled steak or in conventional Japanese dishes, tasting Miyazaki beef is a memorable expertise that showcases one of the best of Japanese delicacies.

In case you are into Japanese wagyu beef, there are lots of different wagyu beef in Japan so that you can strive.

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