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Methods to keep away from sushi rice sticking to your fingers when making sushi ⋆ Make my SushiMake my Sushi

How to avoid sushi rice sticking to your hands when making sushi

Firstly, why?

Impressed by the “Methods to make sushi meme” by _molg.h – I’ve determined to write down brief tutorials about sushi fails: why they occur and the best way to repair them. Hopefully, it will make lots of you on the market make higher sushi, fail much less and really feel extra cherished.

The issue with sticky sushi rice

Each dwelling sushi maker is aware of how annoying it’s to have sticky rice glued to your fingers and refusing let go regardless of how exhausting you attempt. This will trigger a number of grief in addition to particle points as you want your fingers clear in any respect time whereas making meals. That is very true with sushi.


So, the best way to keep away from sushi rice getting glued to your fingers

The answer is sort of easy. When making sushi, have a ‘cereal bowl’ with water subsequent to you and use it to moist your fingers earlier than working with sushi rice. The trick is the splash a little bit of rice vinegar to the water – that helps maintaining the rice from sticking to your fingers.

Show it!

A’righty. Right here you’ll be able to see what distinction a splash of rice vinegar could make. Within the first picture, common faucet water was used to moist the fingers. And the consequence? A number of cases of sticky rice, refusing to depart the hand floor. Whole catastrophe.

Within the subsequent picture nevertheless, rice vinegar splashed water was used and voila, apart from one grain the fingers are glowing. 99% much less sushi rice stickage! Even that single grain was very simple to lose, by merely touching the nori it merely leaped off to its final vacation spot as a part of a higher roll.

In abstract

Don’t be a hero on the market. Splash some rice vinegar into your sushi water bowl and take care of one another.

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