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Maguro Sushi – Tuna Sushi from Japan

It goes with out saying that Japan is a serious client of tuna. Roughly 2 million tons of tuna are caught worldwide every year, and actually, roughly 1/4 of which are Japanese. Maguro is very regarded for its taste, texture, and flexibility in sushi and sashimi, and it’s a staple in Japanese delicacies. There are even completely different species of tuna used, with bluefin tuna (hon-maguro) being one of the vital sought-after and prized for its high quality. As we go alongside on this article, you will note the charms of Maguro sushi.


What’s Maguro sushi?

Maguro sushi (マグロ寿司)

Maguro sushi in Japan refers to sushi made with maguro, which is the Japanese time period for tuna. Maguro is a well-liked and broadly consumed kind of sushi. Purple tuna, medium fatty tuna, and enormous fatty tuna are traditional sushi substances. Locals serve Maguro sushi in numerous types, together with Nigiri sushi, the place a slice of maguro is on a small mattress of seasoned rice and sometimes topped with a small dab of wasabi, and Sashimi, the place skinny slices of tuna are served with out rice.

Maguro sushi Historical past

Maguro sushi (マグロ寿司)

The historical past of tuna in Japan is a captivating journey that stretches again to historical instances. Tuna consumption in Japan dates all the way in which again to the Jomon interval, over 10,000 years BC. It’s intriguing to ponder how the folks of that period managed to catch and devour such massive tuna. Over the course of historical past, tuna consuming customs developed from the Jomon interval by means of the Yayoi, Asuka, Nara, Heian, and Kamakura durations, and even into the Reiwa interval. Nonetheless, tuna was not at all times as standard as it’s in the present day. There was a time when it was thought of an unfortunate fish and never a delicacy for the widespread folks. Tuna’s fast spoilage after being caught, coupled with restricted strategies for preserving it in a time earlier than superior refrigeration expertise, made it a difficult fish to include into the weight-reduction plan.

The turning level within the historical past of tuna consumption in Japan occurred in the course of the Edo interval. It was throughout this time that the meals tradition modified, soy sauce manufacturing started within the Kanto area, and tuna was preserved by means of marination in soy sauce. Pickled tuna gained reputation as a consequence of its scrumptious style. Sushi eating places had been changing into more and more widespread, and sushi’s accessibility and fast serving fashion contributed to its reputation. At these early sushi eating places, they usually pickled tuna and served as nigiri. The fatty elements of the fish had been usually discarded or left unused as a result of they had been thought of too greasy and troublesome to retailer. Nonetheless, within the Showa period, across the Sixties, fatty tuna (Toro) started to be appreciated and consumed. Improved refrigeration expertise, rising demand for tuna, and the restricted amount of fatty tuna obtainable from every fish all contributed to its rise in reputation. 

Key factors when selecting scrumptious Tuna

Maguro sushi (マグロ寿司)

When figuring out the standard of tuna, take into account these 4 key components. First, look at its colour; ideally, it needs to be a vibrant crimson or pink. Contemporary tuna boasts this hue, whereas a lack of freshness can result in a barely blackish or whitish look. Moreover, transparency and glossiness are further indicators of scrumptious tuna, so evaluating these traits could be useful.

When buying tuna with seen veins, go for cuts with skinny streaks working parallel (or diagonally) to the grain. Slicing sashimi with the sinew and knife perpendicular to one another ends in a lovely texture. If parallel traces should not obtainable, diagonal ones are a very good various. Keep away from deciding on tuna with black or crimson spots, as these point out blood clots, an indication of improper draining that may trigger a fishy odor and injury. Lastly, examine the tray for any crimson juices, often known as drips, as they signify the lack of taste elements and vitamins throughout thawing. Older tuna is extra prone to drip, leading to decreased style and freshness.

Kinds of Tuna Japanese consumed

Maguro sushi (マグロ寿司)

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna, also known as the king of the tuna world. Recognized for its massive dimension, shiny black physique, and excessive market worth. Bluefin tuna is particularly standard in the course of the winter, prized for its vivid crimson flesh and wealthy taste. It’s generally served as sashimi or sushi.

Bluefin Tuna Value

Southern Bluefin Tuna 

Southern bluefin tuna is caught within the South Atlantic Ocean and is taken into account a high-quality fish much like bluefin tuna. Recognized for its wealthy, candy style and fatty flesh. Whereas it’s generally loved as sashimi and sushi in the course of the summer time season, farming has made it obtainable year-round.

Southern Bluefin Tuna Value

Bigeye Tuna

Bigeye tuna, often known as “Bachi tuna,” is a medium-sized species with a vivid pink colour and a refreshing style. The Bigeye tuna is much less fatty than bluefin and southern bluefin tuna and sometimes loved as sashimi or steak, because it’s not excellent for sashimi as a consequence of its texture.

Bigeya Tuna Value

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna is standard by its yellowish look and lean, agency flesh. Attributable to its agency texture, it’s generally used for sashimi and sushi, retaining its form effectively. Yellowfin tuna is low in fats and utilized in canned meals.

Yellowfin Tina Value

Albacore Tuna

Albacore tuna is a smaller species of tuna, primarily present in tropical and temperate waters worldwide. It has a comfortable texture, pink flesh, and a whitish colour total. It’s usually mistaken for fatty tuna, however it isn’t truly fatty.

Albacore Tuna Value

By the way in which, the common wholesale value of frozen bluefin tuna on the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market in 2020 was ¥2,948, ¥1,734 for southern bluefin tuna, ¥941 for bigeye tuna, and ¥888 for yellowfin tuna. Specifically, the wholesale value of bluefin tuna and southern bluefin tuna fluctuates drastically relying on the season and different components.

Japan ranks third in tuna catch

Maguro sushi (マグロ寿司)

Japan ranks third on the earth in tuna catch and it not solely consumes tuna but in addition ranks third on the earth by way of catch. As tuna is a migratory fish, you may catch it in oceans world wide, and Japan is the nation with the third largest catch, following Indonesia in first place and Taiwan in second place. A lot of the tuna caught within the waters round Japan are bluefin tuna and albacore tuna, and just lately.

Maguro sushi FAQ

Is Maguro Sushi Secure to Eat Uncooked? 

Maguro sushi is often fit for human consumption uncooked when it has been correctly dealt with, ready, and saved below sanitary situations. In Japan, sushi cooks are skilled to stick to strict meals security requirements to reduce the chance of foodborne sicknesses related to consuming uncooked fish.

What are the dipping sauce nice for pairing with Maguro Sushi?

In Japan, locals usually get pleasure from maguro sushi with conventional condiments and aspect dishes. These accompaniments embrace soy sauce (shoyu), wasabi, pickled ginger (gari), and miso soup. Soy sauce is calmly utilized to the fish aspect of the sushi, whereas wasabi is used sparingly for added taste. Pickled ginger serves as a palate cleanser between sushi items, and miso soup enhances the sushi with its savory umami-rich broth. 

Maguro sushi Recipe

Maguro sushi Components

Components of Maguro sushi for two individuals Measurements
Tuna 200g
Cooked rice 50g
Sushi vinegar 14g
Wasabi 1g

make Maguro sushi?


Sprinkling rice with sushi vinegar

Sprinkle sushi vinegar over the rice and blend with a rice scoop. Fan it with a fan to chill it to the pores and skin.


Getting ready the tuna

Minimize the tuna into bite-sized items. Moist your fingers with vinegar and squeeze 1 right into a chunk dimension.

Including condiments on tuna and serve

Unfold a bit of wasabi on the tuna and place it on bowl. Then serve.

The place to purchase Maguro sushi?

Sushi Fukuzuka (すし ふくづか)

“Sushi Fukuzuka”, which opened in a again alley in Kagurazaka in March 2018, is a brand new restaurant the place you may get pleasure from “tuna” to your coronary heart’s content material, the cornerstone of any sushi restaurant. They serve 5 items of sashimi within the course – “Senanaka Toro”, “Again Kiwatoro”, “Zuke”, “Haradaitoro” , Hatara Naka Toro”.

Handle: 3−5 2, Tsukudocho, Shinjuku Metropolis, Tokyo, Japan, 162-0821
Cellphone quantity: 035-579-2860
Hours open: 12–13:50 PM, 18:00–20:00, 20:30–22:30 
Web site: http://sushi-fukuzuka.com/

Sushi Takashi (寿司孝)

This can be a extremely popular restaurant the place you may get pleasure from tuna. You’ll be able to have every a part of the fish made to your liking, comparable to lean, medium fatty, or fatty fatty, or you may get pleasure from seasonal fish as effectively! With a variety of programs obtainable, it’s excellent for banquets and leisure.

Handle: 17-10 Fuyuki, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Cellphone quantity: 03-3641-0059
Hours open: 11:00 -14:00, 17:00 -22:00, Sundays and holidays 11:00 -21:00
Web site: https://www.tablecheck.com/retailers/sushikou

Tasuke Sushi Asakusa (太助寿し 浅草)

Tasuke Sushi, which has seats on the primary ground on the counter made out of a stately 200-year-old Japanese cypress tree, and chic desk seats within the new constructing on the second ground, primarily serves Oma’s bluefin tuna, is the very best tuna in Japan. What’s superb concerning the tuna right here is the sticky texture that comes from high-quality fats!

Handle: 2-26-6 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Cellphone quantity: 03-3841-4811 
Hours open: 11:30-22:30 (LO. 10:00 p.m.) [Holidays] Wednesdays
Web site: http://www.tasuke-sushi.com/


Maguro sushi (マグロ寿司)

From the historical past of tuna consumption to the exact strategies utilized in its preparation, maguro sushi showcases the wealthy tapestry of Japanese gastronomy. By understanding the nuances of having fun with this iconic dish, you’ve gained insights into the tradition and traditions that encompass it. Subsequent time you savor a chunk of maguro sushi, you are able to do so with a deeper appreciation for the flavors, 

You’ll be able to examine some Japanese dishes under that we all know you want to strive too.

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