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Hiyashi Ramen – Historical past, Varied toppings, Recipes, Eating places

Are you aware of the chilled ramen loved in Yamagata Prefecture? It’s not like the standard chilly noodles or chilled Chinese language noodles. As a substitute, it’s a novel native specialty the place ramen is served chilly. This consuming type apparently began at a restaurant known as “Sakae-ya Honten” in Yamagata. Have you ever ever puzzled why individuals began consuming ramen this manner within the chilly Tohoku area? Let’s check out Yamagata’s “chilly ramen,” (or Hiyashi Ramen) a B-grade native delicacy.


What’s Hiyashi Ramen?

Hiyashi Ramen, often known as chilled ramen, is a regional delicacy in Yamagata Prefecture. As its identify suggests, it options chilly soup with ice, sometimes flavored with soy sauce. Just like conventional sizzling ramen, it comes topped with components similar to chashu, inexperienced onions, and bamboo shoots.

The variations between Hiyashi Ramen, Hiyashi Chuka and Reimen

Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華)

Hiyashi Chuka is a Japanese dish consisting of chilly ramen noodles topped with numerous components similar to sliced greens, egg, ham, and typically seafood or rooster. It’s sometimes dressed with a tangy soy sauce-based dressing or sesame sauce. This dish is known for its refreshing style and vibrant presentation.

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Hiyashi Ramen (冷やしラーメン)

Hiyashi Ramen is one other chilly noodle dish from Japan, much like Hiyashi Chuka however with a give attention to ramen noodles as a substitute of Chinese language-style noodles. It options chilled ramen noodles served with toppings like sliced greens, chashu (braised pork), boiled egg, and bamboo shoots. You may benefit from the noodles with a soy sauce-based or sesame-based sauce.

Reimen (冷麺)

Reimen, often known as Naengmyeon in Korean, is a chilly noodle dish that originated in Korea. It consists of skinny, chewy noodles produced from buckwheat or candy potato starch, served in a calming beef or anchovy broth. Reimen is usually topped with sliced cucumber, Korean pear, pickled radish, and a boiled egg. It’s typically loved with a spicy mustard or vinegar-based sauce on the aspect.

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Historical past

Chilled ramen was born not in ramen outlets however in soba eating places.

Lately, Hiyashi ramen has been attracting consideration each summer time. Surprisingly, the origin of this Hiyashi ramen dates again over half a century in the past. The birthplace of Hiyashi ramen is a store known as “Ei-ya Honten” in Yamagata Prefecture, the place a phrase from one of many common clients sparked the thought for “Hiyashi ramen.”

Common Buyer: “Since you’ve got chilly soba, it could be good to have chilly ramen too.”

Proprietor: “Hmm, let me give it some thought.”

Because of such a dialog, the proprietor of Ei-ya Honten, Mr. Senshiro Abe, performed a year-long examine and launched Hiyashi ramen the next summer time in 1952. Hiyashi ramen isn’t merely sizzling ramen chilled. To stop the tonkotsu or rooster bone broth from solidifying when chilled, all of the fats is eliminated. Nonetheless, to keep away from making it too mild, a mix of vegetable oil is added. It took many trials and errors to succeed in this stage. In different phrases, Hiyashi ramen is a masterpiece born from the continual dialogue between clients’ voices and the proprietor’s relentless pursuit.

Trying on the historical past of ramen, it’s frequent for brand new menus to be born from conversations with common clients, such because the delivery of miso ramen or tsukemen, which had been additionally impressed by buyer suggestions. And people who first materialized these concepts are actually outstanding.

Toppings in Hiyashi Ramen

Salted Mackerel and Plum Hiyashi Ramen


This dish options salted mackerel and plum hiyashi ramen served in a white bowl, topped with bean sprouts and bok choy. The savory style of grilled salted mackerel, the crisp texture of bean sprouts and bok choy, mixed with the accent of plum, creates an beautiful hiyashi ramen. It’s advisable to shred the salted mackerel progressively and blend it with the noodles. Including not solely pickled plum but in addition shiso leaves and powdered sansho pepper enhances the flavour. It’s a refreshing, Japanese-style ramen dish.

Plum and Rooster Tenderloin Hiyashi Ramen

Chicken Hiyashi Ramen

This hiyashi ramen encompasses a refreshing taste with plum meat. The rooster tenderloin is heated within the microwave and cooked via residual warmth, leading to a young and moist texture. The sleek texture of the noodles enhances the tender texture of the plum and rooster tenderloin completely. The spicy style of kaiware sprouts and white sesame seeds provides a pleasant accent.

Lemon and Miso Hiyashi Ramen

Lemon and Miso Hiyashi Ramen

This hiyashi ramen is characterised by the candy and tangy style of honey and lemon, together with the refreshing taste of grated daikon radish. By including lemon juice and honey to instantaneous soy sauce ramen soup, it turns into mild and refreshing. You too can use salad rooster for the rooster meat to make it easy. It’s a dish that’s shortly ready and filled with refreshing coolness.

Hiyashi Ramen FAQ

Can Hiyashi Ramen be custom-made to suit totally different dietary preferences?

Sure, Hiyashi Ramen is flexible and may be tailored to numerous dietary preferences. Vegetarian or vegan variations may be made through the use of vegetable-based broth and substituting animal-based toppings with tofu, mushrooms, or different plant-based proteins. Moreover, gluten-free noodles can be found for these with gluten sensitivities.

What are some inventive variations of Hiyashi Ramen obtainable in several areas?

Along with conventional toppings, some areas supply distinctive twists on Hiyashi Ramen, similar to including seafood like shrimp or crab, incorporating native greens, and even experimenting with fusion flavors like Thai-inspired dressings or Mexican-inspired toppings.

The right way to make Hiyashi Ramen?

Substances for 4 servings

Substances Measurements
Noodles 4 bundles
Sizzling water 100ml
A: Rooster broth powder 4 tsp
A: Kombu dashi powder 4 tsp
A: Sugar 1 tbsp
B: Water 1500ml
B: Males-tsuyu (3x concentrated 150ml
B: Vinegar, sesame oil Every 1 tbsp
B: Bonito flakes 1 pack (4.5g)
Cucumber As desired
Boiled eggs As desired
Ham As desired
Myoga (Japanese ginger), thinly sliced As desired
Sesame seeds As desired



Put together the Sauce


In a bowl, combine 100ml of sizzling water with 4 teaspoons of rooster broth powder (A), 4 teaspoons of kombu dashi powder (A), and 1 tablespoon of sugar (A). Stir till dissolved.


Add 1500ml of water (B), 150ml of men-tsuyu (B), 1 tablespoon every of vinegar and sesame oil (B), and 1 pack (4.5g) of bonito flakes (B). Combine nicely and put aside to sit back.


Prepare dinner the Noodles


Boil the Chinese language noodles based on the package deal directions.


As soon as cooked, rinse the noodles in chilly water to cease the cooking course of.


Drain the noodles totally and put aside.


Assemble the Dish


Divide the cooked noodles into serving bowls.


Pour the chilled sauce (ready in step 1) over the noodles in every bowl.


Garnish with julienned cucumber, boiled eggs, ham, sliced myoga, and sesame seeds as desired. Your Hiyashi Ramen is able to be loved!

Beneficial eating places/ shops

Sakae-ya Honten (栄屋本店)

Hiyashi Ramen in Sakaeya Honten

“Sakaeya Honten” is the birthplace of Hiyashi Ramen. It’s stated that the first-generation grasp, a talented craftsman, spent a yr perfecting it in response to buyer requests.

The key soup is a soy sauce-based broth produced from bonito and kelp. Its distinctive characteristic is consuming it with floating ice, and its taste and aroma stay unchanged even because the ice melts, which is its attraction. This place is fashionable with locals and a must-visit for vacationers in Yamagata, particularly for these attempting Hiyashi Ramen for the primary time in Yamagata, this place is a must-visit!

Tackle: 2-3-21 Honcho, Yamagata Metropolis, Yamagata Prefecture
Cellphone quantity: +81236230766
Enterprise hours: 11:30〜20:00 (shut on Wednesdays)
Web site: https://sakaeyahonten.com/

Suzukiya (すゞ木屋)


“Suzukiya” is a neighborhood favourite soba and ramen store that has been in enterprise for over 50 years.

Their Hiyashi Ramen encompasses a soup much like beef bone chilled noodles. The addition of ginger and purple chili pepper tightens the refreshing style much more. The toppings of kaiware radish and cucumber not solely improve the coolness but in addition create a pleasant visible presentation.

Furthermore, their conventional Chinese language soba, harking back to the previous days, can also be a well-liked menu merchandise. Its nostalgic and scrumptious taste brings a comforting heat to anybody who tries it.

Tackle: 1-chōme-9-2 Takadō, Yamagata
Cellphone quantity: +81 23-644-1709
Enterprise hours: 11:00~15:00, 17:00~20:00 (shut on Tuesdays)

Shuuchan Ramen (修ちゃんラーメン寒河江南店)

Hiyashi Ramen

“Shu-chan Ramen Sagae Minami Department” is a comfortable restaurant in Sakatake Metropolis the place households typically collect. Their seasonal particular, “Hiyashi Ramen,” has a chilly soup that’s filled with taste however feels mild and refreshing. Made with home made noodles, it comes with traditional toppings like chashu and menma, together with cucumber and ice for additional coolness. Folks additionally love their Negi Miso Natto Ramen, which mixes natto and tangy miso with inexperienced onions for a tasty dish.

Tackle: 747-2 Minami Shimazarasu, Sagae Metropolis, Yamagata
Cellphone quantity: +81237853055
Enterprise hours: 11:00~21:30 (shut on Tuesdays)


Hiyashi Ramen, a Japanese chilly noodle dish, is an ideal summer time deal with with its refreshing broth and colourful toppings. From zesty citrus to savory soy flavors, it caters to numerous tastes, making it fashionable throughout sizzling climate. Whether or not it’s tender meat, recent veggies, or tangy sauces, every bowl affords a pleasant culinary expertise. Hiyashi Ramen has turn out to be a favourite worldwide, beloved for its mix of textures and flavors, making it a cherished dish loved by many through the summer time season.

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