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Fab Mart back for the Boooorito’s… Tacos were amazing but the Burritos were kinda a huge salad roll. (Sony RX100)

It was a Tuesday and what better place than to hit up Fab Mart for their tacos! But unfortunately it turned into Burrito Tuesday… ugh.

The Shima (Island) Tuna Poke was just too tempting… so I skipped the Hawaiian Poke Taco’s that were stunning on my last visit and went for the burrito. 

Happy Hour Heartland Beer only 300 yen until 3pm. 

Lots of Craft Beers

Volume was spot on rather huge. 

Overall the burrito was not very good… Totally wished I had the Tacos.  

Restaurant:  Fab Mart

Restaurant J: ファブマート

Menu: https://sakaemachi.okinawa/?p=4251

Address J: 沖縄県那覇市安里382-1, 栄町商店街

Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Asato 382-1 (Inside Sakaemachi Arcade)

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