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Anago Zushi – Conger Eel kind sushi, FAQ, and Restaurant

On this article, we’ll discover what makes Anago zushi distinctive and why it’s cherished by so many. Whether or not you’re a sushi lover or simply inquisitive about Japanese delicacies, come alongside as we uncover the deliciousness of Anago zushi and study extra about its place in Japanese meals tradition.


What’s Anago zushi?

Anago zushi in black background

Anago zushi (穴子寿司), often known as “Conger Eel sushi” is a sort of sushi consists of vinegared rice topped with slices of cooked conger eel, referred to as anago. Conger eel is a typical ingredient for sushi. Locals sometimes brushed the eel with a candy soy-based sauce referred to as “tsume” earlier than serving it on the rice. Anago zushi is legendary for its delicate taste and smooth texture, providing a barely completely different style expertise in comparison with its extra standard counterpart, unagi (freshwater eel) sushi. Locals typically served it as a part of a sushi assortment or loved by itself.

Anago zushi Historical past

anago or conger eel close up

Sushi has an extended historical past in Japan, however its roots really hint again to Southeast Asia. It began with a fermented meals referred to as “Narezushi,” created by a locals in mountainous areas to protect hard-to-get fish. Later, throughout Japan’s Nara interval, they provided ripe sushi to the imperial court docket as a tribute. Over time, sushi advanced, with pressed and boxed sushi showing within the Kamakura interval.

The Edo interval noticed important modifications, as rice vinegar grew to become standard, resulting in the creation of “Hayazushi,” which didn’t want fermentation. Then, nigiri sushi was invented, initially eaten in items the identical measurement as rice balls. Within the Meiji interval, sashimi grew to become a standard topping. The ice-making trade’s rise within the 1900s allowed sushi eating places to deal with uncooked fish safely. By the Taisho period, electrical fridges appeared, enabling extra selection in toppings and smaller sushi eating places. Showa period introduced conveyor belt sushi, making sushi extra accessible and inexpensive, marking a major shift in its recognition and availability.

What’s conger eel as a sushi dish?

three pieces anago zushi

A kind of conger referred to as conger eel is usually used for sushi. Conger eel is important for Kansai sushi, however additionally it is a seed that used for a very long time as a nigiri. Nigiri-dane is the consultant simmered nigiri-dane. The tsume (sauce) made by repeatedly boiling and simmering the wealthy broth to double the flavour. It tastes greatest when the temperature is about human pores and skin temperature, and the style tends to be bland because it cools down. The fishing season is summer season, and the fish are ample throughout this time.

Season of Conger Eels

anago zushi in yellow plate

You possibly can take pleasure in anago zushi all 12 months spherical as a result of it options two various kinds of conger eel: true conger eel in the summertime and Densuke conger eel within the winter. In the summertime, the conger eel has much less fats and a light-weight, refreshing style. Usually, fish is regarded as at its greatest when it’s fattiest, however conger eel is an exception. Prized for its mild taste, so locals thought of it uncommon and particular when it’s in season throughout the summer season with out being too fatty.

Full of vitamins

Anago zushi with sesame seeds on top

One piece of conger eel sushi has 61.9Kcal. Nutritionally, it’s a nice supply of vitamin A. The one factor to bear in mind is that the calorie content material tends to be a little bit excessive since it’s made with boiled tsume. The very best factor about it’s that it’s wealthy in vitamin A, which is attracting consideration for its anti-cancer properties.

Manufacturing space of Conger eels

anago in a plate

There are a number of manufacturing areas. “Edomae” is legendary, however Akashi, off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, Nagasaki Tsushima, and Shimane are additionally good producing areas. In Miyagi Prefecture, conger eel fishing started in Ishinomaki, which boasts the biggest catch within the prefecture, on the finish of the Taisho period. It’s a hidden conger eel manufacturing space with an extended historical past.

Ota Metropolis in Shimane Prefecture is gaining consideration as a significant hub for conger eel manufacturing. The fishing of conger eel in Shimane Prefecture primarily employs backside trawling, with about half of the catch being landed in Ota Metropolis. The conger eels from Ota are famend for his or her glorious fats content material, attributed to the ample meals sources and favorable situations within the native waters, guaranteeing a smooth and fluffy texture when cooked, with chewy pores and skin.

In the meantime, Akashi Metropolis in Hyogo Prefecture, identified for octopus and sea bream, is one other important fishing space for conger eel. There are different conger eel manufacturing areas all around the nation, together with Tokyo Bay’s conger eel, which is legendary for its Edomae sushi, and Hiroshima’s Miyajima, Miyagi, and Aichi, that are well-known for his or her conger eel rice.

Distinction between anago and unagi

anago zushi glazed with sauce in blue plate

Anago and unagi are each forms of eel generally utilized in Japanese delicacies, significantly in sushi. The anago refers to saltwater eel, particularly conger eel, whereas unagi refers to freshwater eel, sometimes Japanese eel. Anago tends to have a lighter, milder taste in comparison with unagi. Additionally it is typically softer and extra delicate in texture. Unagi, alternatively, has a richer, sweeter style and a firmer texture. 

As you already know, eels are traded at excessive costs. Nonetheless, in terms of conger eels, locals promote this at comparatively affordable costs. Should you examine the vitamins of eel and conger eel, you will see that that eel has twice as a lot fats as conger eel. There aren’t any main variations in different protein or carbohydrate elements. The main dietary distinction between eel and conger eel is the distinction in fats content material.  

Anago zushi FAQ

Isn’t conger eels a fish?

The true id of the stick conger eel is the black hagfish. The physique size is about 30 to 50 centimeters. Though it’s referred to as an eel, it has no jaws, skeleton, or gills, so strictly talking, it’s not a fish. It’s a relative of the lamprey and inhabits a large space south of Aomori Prefecture, however in Japan, it’s eaten not solely in Oga but in addition in elements of Niigata Prefecture.

Is Anago zushi thought of a luxurious or extra inexpensive sushi possibility in Japan?

Anago zushi can differ in value relying on components akin to the standard of the eel, the restaurant’s location, and its popularity. Typically, in comparison with its counterpart unagi (freshwater eel), anago tends to be barely extra inexpensive. It is because anago is extra available year-round and is usually cheaper to supply in comparison with unagi, which is usually extra seasonal and has a better demand.

Anago zushi Recipe

anago zushi being held by chopsticks

Anago zushi Elements

Elements of Anago zushi for two individuals Measurements
Grilled conger eel 60g
Liquor 14g
Macrophyll 3g
Rice (heat) 250g
Japanese pepper 1.5g
[A] Sugar 2.5g
[A] Salt 1g
[A] Vinegar 15g

The best way to make Anago zushi?


Warmth the conger eel

Sprinkle sake on the grilled conger eel, cowl calmly with plastic wrap, and warmth in a 600W microwave for about 1 minute.


Add all condiments

Shred the perilla leaves. Add all condiments to a bowl and blend. Add rice, shiso leaves, and blend properly.


Make the sushi wrap

Lay out a sheet of plastic wrap, place the grilled conger eel, pores and skin facet up, and place the rice with condiments on high of it and roll it up tightly. Depart it for a couple of minutes and form it.


Reduce and sprinkle with pepper

Reduce into 2cm broad items whereas nonetheless wrapped in plastic wrap, and take away the plastic wrap when serving on a plate. Sprinkle with Japanese pepper and executed.

The place to purchase Anago zushi?

Sushinoike (すし乃池)

anago zushi from Sushinoike

Sushinoike is a well-known restaurant in Yanaka that’s frequented by cultural figures and celebrities from all around the world. Noike’s conger eel, which is specific about Edomae-style conger eel, has been properly obtained for its fluffy taste you can take pleasure in even once you take it residence. It’s also possible to maintain a banquet on the tatami room and desk seats on the second ground.

Handle: 3-2-3 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0001
Telephone quantity: 03-3821-3922
Hours open: Mon-Sat 11:30-14:00 (LO 13:30); 17:00-21 :00 (LO 20:30)
Web site: http://www.sushi-noike.com/

Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はし本)

anago zushi from Sushi Hashimoto

The 1,500 yen lunch will impress you with the Edomae conger eel, which is calmly grilled and melts earlier than you make it. It comes with 8 items of bluefin tuna, medium fatty tuna, amberjack, mackerel, and so forth., a thick-grilled egg, a maki roll, and a soup. It softly melts in your mouth, and the richness of the boiling makes it deeply scrumptious.

Handle: 1-9-12 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: 03-5577-4748
Hours open: 11:30-13:30 LO, 18:00-23:00 (22:00) LO)
Web site: https://hashimoto-sushi.com/

Sushi Issei (鮨 いっ誠)

anago zushi from Sushi Issei

For the sushi vinegar, this retailer makes use of a small quantity of crimson vinegar so as to add taste in order to not discolor the rice, and to create a mellow acidity that goes properly with the toppings. They use conger eel from Edomae or Tsushima. Characterised by placing sansho pepper between the sushi rice and the toppings

Handle: 1st ground, Caprice Aoyama, 3-12-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone quantity: 03-5468-5225
Hours open: 11:30-2:30 pm LO, 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm LO
Web site:  https://sushi-issei.com/

Last Ideas

anago zushi glazed with sauce

In closing, Anago zushi is a particular dish that represents the varied flavors and culinary experience of Japan. By studying concerning the variations between Anago and Unagi, the way it’s ready, and its cultural significance, we’ve gained helpful insights into this scrumptious sushi selection. Whether or not you’re a sushi aficionado or simply inquisitive about Japanese delicacies, I hope this text has supplied you with a greater understanding of Anago zushi and its significance in Japan.

There are different Japanese dishes and sushi from Japan you can check out under.

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