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88 Steak House for their Hambuger steak lunch… big ole Fail guys. Dry and tasted like an industrial burger… not home made. (Lumix TZ60)

With my favorite George Tacos being a full house I wandered into a little recycle shop attended by a old lady… we got to chatting and she recommended I try 88 Steak House for their Hamburger Steak.  OK.. Im a huge burger fan! Why now!

Big Take Out Menu.

Lots of delicious looking steak… Nearly everyone here was ordering steak.

But I decided to try what the lady recommended… Hamburger Steak.

Comes with soup and a bowl of salad.

Here I go!  I cut into it… 

Zero juiciness and it seemed like the meat was outsourced… those frozen patties inexpensive bento spots used.  I so was so disappointed and only ate half of this 200 gram fail of a burger.

So sad to spend 1,500 yen on such a bad meal. Staff wasnt very well trained as the foreign waitress couldnt tell me what came with the burger.  She could have easily said soup, salad and rice.  On top of that I was seating in direct view of the waitresses standing at the kitchen entrance… they sure did like staring at me when they had no orders to take care of.  Overall DONT go for the burger and give the Steaks a try!

Restaurant: Steak House 88 Tsuji Main Branch (Naha)

Restaurant J: ステーキハウス88 辻本店

Address J: 沖縄県那覇市辻2-8-21

Address E: Okinawa, Naha, Tsuji 2-8-21

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