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5 Straightforward Home made Gyoza Sauces

Though easy soy sauce is nice for gyoza dumplings, there are extra sauce choices to find for a totally new flavour expertise. With just a few substances and a few easy steps, you’ll be able to create scrumptious and distinctive sauces very quickly that can complement the dumplings completely. Whether or not you like a tangy and spicy kick or a savory umami taste, these 5 sauces will take any dumplings you make to a different stage and are positive to please your style buds!

5 gyoza sauces images collaged with text overlay featured image

What’s Gyoza Sauce?

Gyoza, additionally known as potstickers in English, are a kind of dumplings originating from China and popularised in Japan. They’re a extremely popular meals constructed from a flavourful combination of meat and greens wrapped in a skinny dough then pan-fried and steamed. These delectable dumplings are at all times accompanied by sauces to make them much more scrumptious and mouthwatering. The commonest gyoza sauces are plain soy sauce or a combination of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar and sometimes some chilli oil. These savoury condiments add an explosion of umami flavors that completely enhances the crispy exterior and juicy inside of the gyoza. However there are extra choices for dumpling sauces than these widespread ones which can be simply as simple to make and may add a novel flavour. Listed here are 5 fast and easy gyoza sauce recipes in style in Japan!

gyoza plate and a small bowl of gyoza sauce, a gyoza dipped in

Basic Sauce : Soy sauce + Rice vinegar + Rayu + Sesame Oil

This basic gyoza sauce recipe is a straightforward but dynamic mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and rayu (Japanese chili oil). These substances creates a novel stability of umami, tanginess, nuttiness, and spiciness that’s irresistibly scrumptious . 

  • Sesame oil: Ensure to make use of Asian sesame oil for the fitting toasty nutty flavour. 
  • Rice Vinegar: Constituted of fermented rice, rice vinegar gives a gentle acidity that brightens up the sauce. It has barely candy undertones. In case you can’t discover this in shops, you’ll be able to substitute it with apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar.
  • Rayu (Japanese Chili Oil): Rayu is a well-liked condiment in Japan recognized for its spicy kick made with pink pepper flakes/chilli flakes and different fragrant substances like garlic or sesame seeds. By including only a contact of this fiery oil to the gyoza sauce, you introduce warmth and complexity with out overpowering the opposite flavors.
soy sauce, rice vinegar, rayu chili oil, and sesame seed oil in small bowls
a gyoza dumpling dipped in classic gyoza sauce

Ponzu + Grated daikon + Rayu

One other in style and value making an attempt mixture is ponzu + grated daikon + rayu. This trifecta of substances creates a novel sauce with a stability of tanginess and spice. 

  • Ponzu is a tangy citrus-based sauce sometimes constructed from yuzu or lemon, soy sauce, vinegar, and mirin (a candy rice wine). 
  • Grated daikon is one other important element on this gyoza sauce trio. Daikon radish is thought for its gentle taste with a slight peppery style. When grated, it releases its pure juices and creates an extremely refreshing flavour. The feel of the daikon additionally provides a crunchy ingredient to every dip. 
  • Rayu: learn above within the basic sauce about rayu.
rayu chili oil and shichimi togarashi in small container, grated daikon and ponzu in small bowls
grated daikon and ponzu gyoza sauce in a small bowl

Miso Sauce

The flavors of miso add a complexity and wealthy umami flavour to the gyoza. 

  • Miso, a conventional Japanese seasoning constructed from fermented soybeans, gives a novel umami taste profile to the sauce. It’s blended with different substances to create a savoury but candy sauce that goes completely with the dumplings.
miso paste and sugar in a japanese mortar, mirin, sake, soy sauce and roasted sesame seeds oil in small bowls
miso gyoza sauce in a small bowl with gyoza dumpling on a plate in background

Rice Vinegar + Pepper

With its tangy kick, the rice vinegar and pepper-infused gyoza sauce is one other in style gyoza dipping sauce. The addition of pepper enhances its style by including a refined warmth.

vinegar in a small bowl and grinded pepper in a small spoon
rice vinegar and pepper sauce in a small shallow bowl with gyoza in a plate in background.

Soy sauce + Japanese Mayonnaise

Whereas conventional soy sauce is a basic selection, combining it with creamy Japanese mayonnaise takes your gyoza expertise to new heights. The umami from the soy sauce combines splendidly with the creaminess of the mayonnaise.  

soy sauce and Japanese mayonnaise in small bowls
soy sauce and Japanese mayonnaise in a small bowl and gyoza dumplings on a plate in background

Ideas for Making Gyoza Sauces

Whereas store-bought sauces are available, making your individual gyoza sauce elevates the dumplings and permits for rather more selection. Listed here are some ideas that can assist you create the right gyoza sauces at dwelling

  • Experiment with totally different mixtures: begin with a base of soy sauce and add totally different flavours that you simply take pleasure in. Attempt rice vinegar or ponzu for tanginess, sesame oil for some toasted fragrant nuttiness, rayu or chili flakes for spice, and inexperienced onions/spring onion or grated recent ginger for some added flavour and texture. Mirin, honey, maple syrup, or agave syrup may also be added for sweetness. 
  • – Storage: you’ll be able to retailer the sauces in an acceptable hermetic container for a few week within the fridge. Some sauces may also be frozen for longer preservation (in addition to those containing mayonnaise and daikon).


Q : Can you purchase gyoza dipping sauce?

A : Buying gyoza dipping sauce is a handy and accessible possibility however making your individual sauce at dwelling permits for extra selection and flavour choices.

Q : What can I take advantage of as a substitute of soy sauce?

A : There are alternate options out there that can be utilized as a substitute of soy sauce. In case you can’t use soy sauce because of gluten intolerance or due to its excessive salt content material, then there are low-sodium soy sauces and gluten-free possibility out there. In any other case tamari or coconut aminos might be used as a substitute.

Q : What else can gyoza sauce be used for?

A : These gyoza sauces may also be used for different dishes like various kinds of dumplings, spring rolls, and egg rolls. Q : How lengthy will the sauces final?

gyoza plate and a small bowl of gyoza sauce, a gyoza dipped in

Gyoza Sauces

Learn the way to make do-it-yourself gyoza sauces that can take your dumplings to the subsequent stage.

Course: condiments

Delicacies: Japanese

Prep Time 5 minutes


Price this recipe



Soy sauce + rice vinegar + rayu + sesame oil

Ponzu + grated daikon + rayu + shichimi togarashi

Soy sauce + Japanese mayonnaise


Soy sauce + rice vinegar + rayu + sesame oil

Ponzu + grated daikon + rayu + shichimi togarashi

Soy sauce + Japanese mayonnaise


*1 modify the quantity so as to add in keeping with your liking. 

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